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Vodafone U in a nutshell

What's Vodafone U?

Never before has so much FUN been bundled into one prepaid pack! With Vodafone U, enjoy Internet, Calls, Music, Experiences and lots more all in one pack!! Life just became a lot more FUN!

FUN is always on with

  • Chatting always on
    • Lots of Talk time to keep chatting with your friends
  • Surfing, always on
    • Data Quota (3G) on Vodafone SuperNet
  • Catching up, always on
    • Special call rate of just 10 p/min to your best buddy (local Vodafone number only)
  • Music, always on
    • Saavn Pro service for free with every U pack to stream and download your favourite music till the expiry of your U pack
  • Experiences
    • Different app experiences with exclusive offers only on MyVodafone App
  • Lots More!
    • Access to an exclusive data loan facility of 60MB(3G). Data loan amount of ₹20 will be deduct with the next recharge.

What's in Vodafone U prepaid?

What is a Data Loan?

We don't want U to run out of data and miss out on any fun. So here's an exclusive service for U: 60MB data loan(3G), if U run out, valid for 2 days. You will be charged ₹20 for the service on your next recharge.

U can access this service only if U are an active Vodafone U user and have no unsettled Data Loan balance in your account.

Can I reduce my call rate on local calls by buying a bonus card?

Sure U can. Simply purchase any of our bonus cards.

Can I buy more core balance to add to my talktime and still be part of the U world?

Yes, U can buy more talktime during the validity of your U pack and increase your core balance.

If I recharge with a Vodafone U pack before the expiry of my current Vodafone U pack, will my data and talktime balance be carried forward?

Yes, your data and core balances will be carried forward.

What is the Vodafone U Music offer?

With any of the Vodafone U prepaid packs (Small, Medium or Large), you get a free Saavn Pro subscription while your U pack is valid, that's otherwise valued at Rs. 99/month. With Saavn Pro, you can enjoy an ad-free listening experience, and stream music in high-quality audio. And, with unlimited downloads, you can download and listen to your favourite songs offline. Data charges will apply as per your plan on downloading and streaming music on the Saavn app, but not for playing offline content.

What is Saavn? What are the differences between Saavn and Saavn Pro?

Saavn is a revolutionary streaming music service that's reinventing how people listen to and share music, in India and around the world. With a catalogue of 30 million songs (and, growing), Saavn lets you play your Bollywood, English and regional hits - anytime, anywhere. With Saavn Pro, your music will never stop as you can stream, download, and listen to all your music offline. Saavn Pro also gets you full access to Saavn Originals, Saavn’s cutting-edge audio shows, and other exclusive content.

What happens if I already have the Saavn Pro subscription?

If you already have a Saavn Pro subscription the number of promotional Saavn Pro days that you get with your Vodafone U subscription will be added to your current balance. In case you have an auto-renewal based subscription with other Saavn Pro vendors such as iTunes, Google Play Store, or Paytm, kindly deactivate the same since you already have the free Saavn Pro subscription within your Vodafone U pack.

In case of any queries, please write back to us at feedback@saavn.com

Will I be charged for downloading songs?

No, U can download the songs for free for all the validity of your U pack. However, data will be used from your active data pack at the time of downloading.

In case there is no active data pack, data consumption will happen at PayGo rates (4p/10kB) and will be deducted from your talktime/balance.

If there is no talktime/balance and no active data pack, your download will stop!

When your U pack will expire you need to recharge again with Vodafone U to continue using Saavn Pro for free.

Get Vodafone U

How do I get a U pack?

If U are a Vodafone prepaid user:

  • Recharge through MyVodafone App or the Vodafone website www.vodafone.in.
  • Walk into the nearest Vodafone Store

If U are new to Vodafone or if U are a Vodafone postpaid user:
Walk into the nearest Vodafone Store and buy a Vodafone U pack.

How can I check my data usage?

U can check your data usage directly on MyVodafone App. In addition, for your convenience, we will keep U updated about your usage and balance with SMS alerts at 50%, 90% and 100% of your usage.

How many numbers can I add as BUDDY LIFELINE?

U can add 1 local Vodafone number as your Buddy Lifeline and call your best buddy at 10p/min.

All you have to do is SMS ADD<space>FRND<space><mobile number> to 199

How can I change my number on the BUDDY LIFELINE?

To change ur number on the Buddy Lifeline, SMS
CHNG<space>FRND<space><old mobile number><space><new mobile number> to 199

How do I get free music downloads?

Once U are active on any Vodafone U pack, U need to log into MyVodafone App and click on the music card to start your free Saavn Pro subscription.

After this activation process, U can access the music service from the MyVodafoneApp or directly from the Saavn App and start downloading your favourite songs.

How can I get this new version of MyVodafone App?

Just download the app from the App store/Play Store and log in. If you already have MyVodafone App installed on your device, update it after activating your Vodafone U pack and enjoy the new U experience!

How can I activate the data loan feature?

SMS DATA<space>LOAN to 144.

60MB data (3G) will be credited to your account with a validity for 2 days, if U are an active Vodafone U user and have no unsettled data loan in your account.
U will be charged ₹20 for the service on your next recharge.

How can I check my balance?

You can download My Vodafone App or do as below:

  • Dial *111*2# to check your talktime balance
  • Dial *111*6*# to check your data (3G) balance

Experience U - on the App

Why should I download the App?

With MyVodafone App, U will have an entire world of new experiences:

  • Cool coupons of your favourite brand
  • Recharge for U and your buddies!
  • Check your balance easily
  • Free music downloads
  • Transfer balance to your buddies if they are out of talktime

And lots more! Download the app and experience the world of Vodafone U

To whom can I transfer the balance?

U can transfer the balance from a Vodafone Prepaid number to another Vodafone Prepaid number as per following:

  • Each sender will be allowed only 1 balance transfer transaction per day
  • Recipient can receive balance transfer up to 3 times a day from different senders
  • Balance transfer can be done for a minimum of ₹5 to a maximum of ₹30
  • Balance transfer will be done on a real-time basis

Got any more queries, call 199.