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Never lose touch with your Yahoo! buddies even while you're on the move.

Yahoo mail

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Share your excitement with your friends as you holiday at an exotic beach. Send an email from wherever you are. Or check your inbox for important mails without switching on your computer. With Yahoo! Mail directly on your Vodafone mobile phone. Read, compose, delete or reply to emails through Vodafone live! on your GPRS phone.

Through Vodafone live!

Just log on to Vodafone live!, go to ´More Mobile Links´ and click on Yahoo! Mail or simply connect to on your GPRS Vodafone mobile phone.

Yahoo Messenger

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Say hello to your friends, whether you´re out of town or sitting on the beach. With the exclusive Vodafone-Yahoo! tie-up, you can easily get connected through your mobile phone and chat with your buddies.

Yahoo Messenger
How do I You should  
Login sms IN [yahoo! ID] [password] to 58242 You will get a list of buddies online, and your buddies will also see you online on their PCs.
Know the names of online buddies sms GET to 58242 You get a list of your online buddies.
Send sms TO [friend´s ID] [message] to 58242 Eg: sms TO Hi, How are you. Awaiting your reply.
Reply Reply the way you would normally reply to an SMS.  
Add a friend sms ADD [friend´s ID] to 58242. Eg: sms ADD Manjeet2007 to 58242
Sign out sms OUT to 58242  

Charges: Rs2 /sms

For more information visit

Through Vodafone live!

Just log on to Vodafone live!, go to the community link and click on Yahoo! Messenger.

Charges You just need to pay the usage charges as applicable for Vodafone live! .

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