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Smile. Shout. Cry. Giggle. Enjoy the best chat experience on your Vodafone mobile phone. Create your own chat rooms or join your favourite chat room.


How do I You should Example
Get started sms CHAT to 52428 to get the list of all chat commands  
Login sms LOGIN <room name > <your chat ID> to 52428 Eg sms LOGIN Teens abc to 52428 You´ll get a welcome message immediately. If the name you have selected already exists, you will get the following error message: "Name already exists, try another name." Resend the same message with a different chat id. Eg: sms LOGIN Teens xyz to 52428.
Get the list of chat rooms sms ROOM to 52428  
Send a message to all users in a room sms your messageto 52428 Eg: sms hello all to 52428 If a new user enters the chat room, you will a message informing you of the same.
To send a message to a specific person in the room sms PM <Name of Person> <Your Message> Eg: Send PM Sachin Hey How are you doing? Your asl?
Get a list of users logged in a room sms LIST to 52428  
Display my profile sms USER to 52428  
Change my chat room sms CROOM <roomname> to 52428 Eg:, sms CROOM Bollywood to 52428
Create a private chat room sms PROOM <roomname> Your chat room will be created.
  <password> to 52428 and you can chat with the select users who know the password
Change to private room (To chat with select users in the private room) sms CPROOM <room name> <password> to 52428  
Block users sms BLK <name> to 52428 Eg: sms BLK PQR to 52428 You will receive a message confirming that the user has been blocked from the chat room
Unblock users sms UNBLK <name> to 52428  
Get status on users & chat rooms sms RSTATUS to 52428 You will receive details of active chat rooms & users
Send messages to stars on celebrity chat sms ASK <question> to 52428  
Exit sms EXIT to 52428 You will be logged out of the chat room
Get help sms CHAT to 52428  

Charges: Rs2 /sms

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