There are many ways to set a Callertune on your Vodafone mobile phone. How would you like to do it?

Through dialing

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Just dial *567# (toll free) to activate your Callertune service. Once activated, please sms <callertune/ movie name> to 55655 (toll free)

Through voice

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  • To find a Callertune, Find out more
  • To listen to callertune options dial 123 (toll free)
  • Call 56789, say "Callertunes" and select your favourite callertune to set it for all your callers. Or specify a number, so only that caller will hear your tune.

Through SMS

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To search for a callertune, sms the name of the callertune / film / album to 55655 (toll free) to get a list of callertunes as SMS. Select a callertune as your Callertune by replying with the callertune number – 1 / 2 / 3 etc. To look for more matches, reply with MORE.

Through Vodafone live!

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Log on to Vodafone live! on your Vodafone GPRS mobile phone and click to Music to select your Callertune.

Copy a Callertune

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Now it’s easier than ever. If you like a friend’s Callertune, simply call him on his Vodafone mobile phone and press *9 while the Callertune is playing (ie before the call is picked up).

You can copy Callertune from any friend who has a Vodafone mobile phone, anywhere in the country. The service will get activated within 4 hours.

Bolo kya bajayen

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Now searching for your favourite Callertune on your Vodafone mobile phone is very easy!

  • Through SMS- sms <callertune/ movie / album name> or film to 55655 (toll free) & get a list of callertunes. Reply with callertune number (1 / 2 / 3) to set your Callertune.

  • Through Voice- Call 55655 and just say the name of the callertune or movie. Listen to callertune options & set your Callertune.


If you haven’t subscribed to Callertunes, replying with the callertune number will activate the service with the selected callertune.


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  • Find out how much Callertunes will cost you.
  • Dail the callertune code at 30p/min.

  • Subscription charges @ Rs 30 / month
  • Calls to 56789 @ Rs 6 / min
  • Calls to 55655 @ Rs 1 per Min(The service is chargeable for all circles except Odisha & MP)
  • sms to 56789 @ Rs 5 / sms
  • sms to 55655 is toll free
  • Vodafone live! usage charges @ 2p / 10KB
  • callertune selected by calling 56789 is free for 90 days. After which Rs 15 will be charged every 90 days.
  • Rs 15 will be charged for callertunes selected by sms. Rs 15 will be charged again after 90 days or on the next callertune selection, whichever is earlier.

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