Logos & Picture Messages

Get yourself some interesting logos and picture messages too - and let your Vodafone mobile phone reflect who you are.

How to download Logos by SMS

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  • To download logos, sms OL <category name> to 56789 (Available categories include Love, Astro, Fun, Horror, Flirt, Religious and more)
  • Once you get the logo codes, sms OL <logo code> to 56789 to download the logos
  • To get the list of top logos, sms OL <TOP> to 56789
  • To download picture messages, sms PIC <category name> to 56789 (Available categories include Fun, Lvu, Greet and more)
  • To get the list of available picture messages, sms Top to 56789


  • Rs5 / SMS
  • No download charges

By calling 56789

Call 56789 and say "Logo" to download one of your choice.


  • Rs6 / min
  • No download charges

On Vodafone live!

Pick from a wide variety of categories – from zodiac signs, funky trantic art, animals, spiritual, sports, symbols, flags, nature, festivals & more. Catch a glimpse of some of these colourful logos right here.

And now you can download colour logos 3 times faster than before – with the latest EDGE technology.Find out more about EDGE here


Rs10 / animation downloaded, or forwarded plus usage charges.


This is a handset dependent service. This service will soon be available for customers in Kerala, Maharashtra, Goa and Tamil Nadu.

Send a Picture SMS

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You can now download picture messages and MMS on your Vodafone mobile phone and forward them to your friends too.

  • sms PSMS <your message> to 56789
  • You´ll receive a relevant picture message, with your text in it
  • Forward this message to your friends

Send a Picture MMS

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  • sms PMMS <your message> to 56789
    For Example: sms PMMS Good morning to 56789
  • You´ll receive a relevant picture by MMS, with your text in it.
  • You can now forward this message to your friends.


  • Rs5 / SMS
  • MMS downloads will be charged at 2p / 10KB

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