Caller ID

Now you can accept or reject an incoming call and identify your missed calls too. With Caller Line Identity Presentation (CLIP) on your Vodafone, which lets you see your caller’s phone number on your handset screen.


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  • Postpaid customer: Log on to My Vodafone
  • Postpaid customers in Kerala, Maharashtra & Goa (except Mumbai): Call 111
  • Postpaid customers in Kolkata, West Bengal, Sikkim and Haryana: sms ACT CLIP to 111 (toll free)
  • Currently you pay nothing extra for this service, but only for the airtime used and the applicable landline charge.

Note: Mumbai customers need to pay a monthly rental of Rs 75


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Here’s what you will see when you receive your call:

Fixed line
Fixed line
  Country Code City code Fixed line number
Local +91 80 657 72280
STD +91 11 2642 1234
ISD +44 97 2432 3333
Mobile phone
Mobile Phone
  Country Code Cellular number
Local +91 98860 98860
STD +91 98100 12345
ISD +44 9769 15542


  • Accuracy of the phone number displayed depends on the calling telephone exchange. Sometimes the number of the incoming caller might not appear and at times when the number is not transmitted across networks then it is not shown on your Vodafone mobile phone.
  • This  display is dependent on the Call initiation operator and not the recipient operator.
  • Some calls might be received as “Private Number” as Calling Party may have “CALLING LINE IDENTIFICATION RESTRICTION” facility
  • Every Caller Line Identification (CLI) is presented by “+” sign followed by Country code. Hence only CLI  prefixed with +91 means calls received from India.
  • Some calls appear incomplete eg. +301 , +4044 this is when the international carriers do not receive CLI from the originating exchange,

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