Call Divert

You can now divert important calls to another Vodafone mobile phone or landline if you are unable to take a call in case: you miss a call, are busy, are out of reach or phone switched off

Activate / Deactivate

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  • Go to the ‘Call Divert’ menu on your Vodafone mobile phone
  • Select ‘Divert if out of reach’ option
  • Select ‘Activate’, followed by to other number option
  • Enter the number +9198xxxxxxxx, in the to other number section
  • Your Call Divert service will now be selected


To deactivate go to ‘Call Divert’ menu and select deactivate / cancel option.

Note: Rajasthan customers can deactivate the service by dialling ##002# from their Vodafone mobile phone

Call forward

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To forward all calls:

  • to start, enter **21*number #
  • to stop, enter ##21#

To forward calls while you´re speaking to someone else:

  • to start, enter **67*number #
  • to stop, enter ##67#

To forward calls if you don´t answer the incoming caller within 30 seconds:

  • to start, enter **61*number #
  • to stop, enter ##61#

To forward calls if your cell phone is switched off or is out of reach

  • to start, enter **62*number #
  • to stop, enter ##62#

To cancel all preset conditions:

  • enter ##002#


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You will not be charged for activation or deactivation of this service. Only the call divert will be charged as a separate call.

Note: You can divert all your incoming calls(Local, STD, ISD) to a local (mobile & landline) numbers only. However while entering a mobile number, make sure you use the international code before the number. Eg: to enter 98860XXXXX, key in +9198860XXXXX. In Haryana, calls can be diverted to any local number except BSNL mobiles & landlines.

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