Call Barring

Had your phone stolen? Or not sure where you left it? You can stop your phone from being misused by anyone. Bar all incoming and outgoing calls, whenever you want to.

Activate / Deactivate

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sms ACT CB to 111 (toll free). You should first deactivate Call Forwarding.


To deactivate, sms CAN CB to 111 (toll free).You should first deactivate Call Forwarding.

How to bar calls?

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How to bar incoming calls?

  • To start, enter  *35* password #
  • To stop, enter  #35* password #

Remember, when you bar incoming calls, your incoming messages also get barred.

How to bar outgoing calls?

  • To start, enter  *33* password #
  • To stop, enter  #33* password #

How to bar outgoing ISD calls?

  • To start, enter  *331* password (4 digits)#
  • To stop, enter  #331* password (4 digits)#

No rental charges (not applicable for Gujarat customers)

  • This service is not available for prepaid customers in Gujarat & for Postpaid customers in Gujarat the charges are Rs 50 per bill cycle
  • All VAS service rental charges do not fall under proportionate billing. Full rentals will be charged irrespective of date of activation
  • This service is applicable only for Prepaid customers in Mumbai.

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