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TRAI Directive

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TRAI has directed all operators to block outgoing SMSs of Prepaid Customers beyond 200 per day per SIM w.e.f. Nov 01, 2011. It is also applicable on existing SMS packs.

Is this Regulation applicable only for Vodafone Prepaid Customers?

No. This Regulation is applicable, not just for Vodafone, but for Prepaid Customers of all operators in all circles across India.

Is this Regulation applicable on Roaming?

Yes. All the SMSs sent during Roaming (National or International) will be part of this regulation.

I am a SMS Pack (Bonus Card/Special Tariff Voucher) user. Will this Regulation be applicable for me?

Yes. This 200 SMS Restriction is applicable for all customers, on all tariff plans (for both pack and non-pack (base tariff) users). Even if the customers are willing to pay, they cannot send more than 200 SMS Per day.

Are SMSs to ‘Toll Free or Premium Short Codes’ part of the Regulation?

Yes. The 200 SMS Cap covers all SMS : Local/STD/ISD/Premium and Toll Free SMS (Short Codes) also. For eg. All SMSs sent to 56789 will be all be part of this regulation.


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Will I get network coverage all across India?

Yes. You can stay connected with your family & friends wherever you are. Vodafone has network coverage across almost all of India.

Can I use my Vodafone mobile phone abroad?

Yes, you can use your Vodafone phone number abroad subject to the availability of the tie-up with the local network.

How many types of roaming services are available?

There are 3 types of roaming services.

  • National Roaming
  • Basic International Roaming
  • International Roaming

How much do I need to pay while roaming within India?

Roaming rental charges are not applicable if you roam within India.

How do I activate National Roaming on my Vodafone mobile phone?

Prepaid is pre-activated with National roaming.

What are the National Roaming charges?

National networks
Rates For National Networks
Calls (Rs/minutes)
Incoming calls 0.75
Outgoing calls  
Local calls 1.00
STD calls 1.5
SMS (Rs/message)
Outgoing Local SMS 1.00
Outgoing National SMS 1.50
Outgoing International SMS 5.00
Incoming SMS Free

To know more about the country ISD codes & call rates, click here.

For details of National Roaming coverage, click here

How can I contact Customer Care while roaming within India?

You can dial the call centre number for your region on your Vodafone mobile phone or any landline. Roaming call charges will
be applicable.

Will all my incoming messages be charged while roaming in India?

No, all incoming sms will be toll free while roaming nationally.

Do I need to pay any security deposit for using National Roaming?

No security deposit is required for Prepaid.

How do I subscribe for International Roaming?

You can activate roaming in the following ways:

  • Visit My Vodafone and subscribe online
  • Call 111 (toll free) from your Vodafone mobile phone
  • Postpaid users can sms ACT IR to 111 (toll free)

Do I require a special kind of handset while roaming internationally?

Yes, you require the tri band handset while roaming internationally in certain countries.

Can I call Customer Care while roaming internationally?

Yes, you can call Customer Care while roaming internationally. International Roaming charges will be applicable.

What are the international roaming call charges?

sms ROAM <country name> to 111 and get all the details on charges and tie-ups.

What are the charges for using GPRS internationally?

You will be charged Rs 5.50/10KB. Some operators may charge for PDP sessions as well.

What is a PDP session?

PDP is Packet Data protocol. When you want to use GPRS, your mobile will first attach to a GPRS enabled network in the
country you are roaming and then your mobile will automatically activate a “PDP context”. PDP context is essential for the visited network to authenticate you as a valid GPRS user. Some operators may charge for PDP context. We recommend that you switch off GPRS after you have finished to avoid any additional charges.

Why am I billed for roaming even when I have not visited any roaming location in the last billing period?

Roaming usages are billed as per data received from the destination Roaming Operator.

In case of delay in receiving of such data files, usages made in a particular bill period may reflect in succeeding bill period.

How are the incoming international roaming charges reflected in the bill?


Why am I billed twice for a single incoming call?

Every Roaming incoming call charge is divided into 2 components, viz: Roaming Incoming (billed by Roaming Operator) & Roaming Call Forward (billed by Home Operator)

The incoming caller number will be passed on to the customer subject to availability of the same from the other service provider, hence one needs to refer to the numbers mentioned under Roaming Call Forward heading in the bill, in case complete number is not reflecting under roaming incoming.

How are usages on Vodafone Mobile Connect billed?

Usage on Vodafone Mobile Connect is billed on successful transfer of data packets. Data transfer depends upon the density of the web pages surfed across during web sessions.

What are the possible reasons for frequent transfer of data?


In case I’m not using VMC, what are the possible circumstances where I might be billed for data usage?

Usage on Vodafone Mobile Connect is billed on successful transfer of data packets.

Possible Reasons for Frequent Data Transfer are as follows:

a)  There are certain applications which when downloaded keeps on retrieving data from the server at frequent time interval. Applications such as Weather Update, Stock Update..etc. This minimal data transfer leads to frequent billing of 2p/10kb.
b)  In case correct procedure of logging out from surfing session is not followed, connectivity with the server does not get terminated, hence leading to data transfer at frequent time interval. Hence it is advisable to log-out properly before terminating a session
c)  Handset setting such as to disabling auto log-in feature & selection of proper APN to be checked.

Is in built free usage applicable in international roaming?

Any in built free data usage will NOT be applicable while on International roaming. Usage is charged as per applicable rates except for special roaming packages (subject to availability)

Will my Vodafone Live & Vodafone Mobile Connect usage be discounted under BlackBerry freebies?

No, surfing via Vodafone Live & Vodafone Mobile Connect shall be billed as per standard rates.

Will I be billed for Vodafone Live or Vodafone Mobile Connect if I’m using BlackBerry service?

Transfer of data depends on the APN selected in handset. Also note that for sites which involve live streaming, viz, YouTube, Viggo, Vu Clip etc, data routing will take place through Vodafone Live APN and not through Blackberry APN, as Blackberry does not support Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP), which is required to access sites involving live streaming**

Why am I billed for roaming even when I have not visited any roaming location in the last billing period?

Roaming usage is billed once the data is received from our Roaming Partner. If there is a delay in the receipt of files the
roaming usage will reflect in the subsequent bills.

How are incoming international roaming charges reflected in the bill / why am I billed twice for a single incoming call?

In case of Incoming calls, the call forward charges from India to the roaming country also need to be charged to you. The incoming caller number will be passed on to the customer subject to availability of the same from the other service provider.

Which operators charge for PDP sessions?

Country Operator
Argentina Telecom Personal
Brazil Brazil Telecom
Finland DNA
France Orange
Hungary Magyar
Italy H3G
Italy TIM
Paraguay Hola
Paraguay Telecel
San Marino SMT
UAE Etisalat

will PDP charges appear on my bill?

PDP charges will appear on your bill against 0 KB.

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