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Loss of SIM

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Can I block my Vodafone mobile phone if I've lost the SIM card?

Handset blocking is a device specific feature. This is only possible if your device has any software / application to do so.
We as your service provider would be unable to block your device.You can block your Vodafone mobile SIM by informing
Customer care on 111 from Vodafone mobile phone or from any landline phone.

How do I get a replacement SIM card?

You can collect the replacement SIM card at your nearest Vodafone Store or Vodafone Mini Store by submitting the photograph, photo id proof. Do carry your originals for verification purpose

You can also call Customer care on 111 and ask for a replacement SIM card. The duplicate SIM card will be couriered to your billing address within 24 hours. Sim courier activity is closed on Sundays.

*Bring an original photo ID proof with you when visiting a store to collect your replacement SIM card.

***Call 111 from Vodafone mobile phone or from landline phone.

How to check if your handset requires a different SIM?

Some devices require a smaller sim like a micro or nano sim.

To check sim type for some top devices click here

Please Note- In case your handset does not feature here please check your handset manual or manufacturer website
for type of sim applicable for your device.

Will all my old services be retained in my new SIM card?

Yes, all your services will be retained in the new SIM card.

Can I retain my old contact list and SMS in my new SIM card?

The old contact list & SMS can be retained only if you have a back-up of the same. You can also buy a handset from Vodafone. For more details click here.

How long does it take to block my number after I place the request with Customer Care?

Your Vodafone mobile number will get temporarily blocked within 2 hours.

Third party sim-ex process

In case of Third Party sim-ex: docs required are- Authority Letter from User + User’s POI + Third Party POI + Third Party's Photograph.


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Is there any extra charge for blocking my Vodafone number?

No, there is no extra charge for getting your Vodafone number blocked.

Do I need to pay any extra charges for getting a duplicate SIM card?

Rs 25 would be added to your bill (Postpaid), or deducted from the balance (Prepaid), as be the case.

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