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Activation and Deactivation

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How do I activate Callertunes on my mobile?

If you are a Postpaid customer, sms ACT CT to 111 (toll free).

If you are a Prepaid customer, sms ACT CT to 144 (toll free).

For activating through a call, call 56789 (@ Rs6 / min) and say "Callertunes".

The process for copy the caller tune has been changed now customer need to press * then 9 for copy the caller tune and customer can copy the caller tune not only from VODAFONE but also from AIRTEL and IDEA

Once the service is activated, a default Callertune will be set for you.

Will I get any sms confirmation when I activate this service?

Yes, if you activate the service through sms. You'll get an sms confirming the receipt of your request.

No, if you activate by calling 56789. Your request will be confirmed over the phone itself, while you're on the call.

If the Callertune service is already activated, then you'll get a message confirming the same.

How do I deactivate the service?

For deactivation of caller tune in postpaid send sms CAN CT to 111 and for prepaid CAN CT to 144.

Note – Vodafone customers from Delhi on a Postpaid connection can also deactivate by sending sms CAN CT to 111 / 144 (toll free) or Call on 22622 (toll free)

VAS Subscription Portal 123/12341.Subscriber Calls the tollfree VAS subscription Portal 123/1234
2.Listen to the Array of Products and Services
3.Gets Charging,Validity and Product Info
4. Select the Product Of Choice on the IVR
5. Please be on line while your call in getting transferred to another IVR for your Double Confirmation.
6.Prompt is Played confirming the selected Product /Service with Product Info
7.You will be Asked to Confirm Request by a Designated Button on the flow
8.Subscription is Sucessful
9.You will get an SMS with Complete Product Information and Charging Details
SMS (ACT CRIC to 111, ACT MCI to 111)1. Send the Activation Keyword to Defined Shortcode
2.SMS Cointaing Product,Charging Details is received from 50123XXXX (Consent Gateway Shortcode) and you will be asked to confirm the request by replying with 1.
3. Reply with 1
4.Activation Confimation Success message is received
USSD (*567*xx#)1. Dial the USSD Activation String Ex. *567*XX#
2.Flash Message Is Received with Pack Details - You will be asked to reply with 1 to confirm your request
3. After a few seconds, A Second confirmation Flash Message is Received with Pack Details.
4.On Replying with 1, Activation will happen.
5. On Successful Charging- SMS is Received with Pack Charging and Validity Details
OBD1. Subscriber Get an Incoming Call from 140XXX Number
2.Subscriber answers the call
3.Listens to Product on Offer- Get Charging, Validity, Benefit and Other Details
4.Give Activation request by button press
5.For first level confirmation customer needs to press * button
6. For Double confirmation call will be transferred to another IVR; please be on line.
7.You will get the product and Charging Details
8.Gives Second Confirmation by Pressing the requested button for Confirming the Request
9. On Successful activation you will get an SMS with Complete Product Details and Benefits
Search a Caller Tune1. Send the Song/Movie Name to 55655, this SMS is free
2. Get Revert SMS with Search Results
3.Revert Back with Song of Choice
4. You will get Request Received SMS from 56789
5.SMS Containing Product,Charging Details is received from 50123XXXX and you will be asked to confirm the request by replying with 1.
6.You need to Reply with 1
7.Activation Confimation message is received
COPY (Only for Callertunes)1 While listening to a CT on the called Number Presses *and 9
2.SMS Containing Product,Charging Details is received from 50123XXXX and you need to confirm the request by replying with 1.
3.Activation Confimation is Recived


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How much will I be charged for this service?

You'll be charged Rs 30 per month. (song selection charges of Rs. 15/ 90 days.) (it's the same for both Postpaid & Prepaid users)

How do I get a list of available Callertunes? And how do I choose a tune?

You can view a full list of available Callertunes, category-wise, by click here

You can also call 56789 (@ Rs6 / min) from your Vodafone mobile phone and ask for a specific category (for example,
Bollywood, Punjabi, or Devotional).

In case you do not select any tune, a default tune will be played.


You can simply sms or to 55655 (toll free) to get a list of songs. Choose your Callertune from the list to set it.

More on Callertunes

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How many Callertunes can I subscribe to simultaneously?

You can call 56789 (@ Rs6 / min) and subscribe to unlimited Callertunes. You get 3 tunes free, and the rest at Rs15 per tune.

Is there any validity for the tune I select?

Yes, the tune is valid for 90 days. After which, you will be charged Rs15 per tune.

Can I set a Callertune in my own voice?

Yes, you can record & set a Callertune in your own voice by calling on 567910 and follow the instructions.
Call charges Rs 6/ Min and Rs 15 Song selection charges.

Are there any handset compatibility issues for this service?

No, there are no handset compatibility issues. Callertunes work on any handset model & make. And anyone calling you from a landline or mobile phone will be able to listen to the Callertune, so long as you have subscribed to the service.

Do I get this service while roaming?

Yes, but it depends on the network in the place you're visiting.

Do I get this service while I'm on international roaming?

Yes, but it depends on the network in the place you're visiting.

What happens in case of call waiting, can the caller hear my Callertune?

No, the call waiting prompt plays when the call is in waiting.

If my card is suspended and then reactivated, will I have to re-subscribe to Callertunes?

No, Callertunes will stay active.

If I change my number will my Callertune remain the same?

No, you do not need to re-subscribe. Your Callertune will stay active.

If I switch to a Prepaid connection, will my Callertune subscription continue?

No, you will have to re-subscribe.

My connection is suspended; what will the person who is dialling hear?

The person calling will hear a message saying that the number is temporarily not activated.

Is it applicable for calls from landline also?

Yes. Anyone calling you from any destination will hear your chosen Callertune instead of tring tring.

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