Cool Card
MRP Benefits(Select Any One)
5 1. Data Pack: 50MB – 2G Data for 1 Day
2. Caller Tune: FREE Caller tune for 5 Days + 2 Song changes FREE.
3. FM Radio: 50 Mins of Mobile Radio for 5 Days.

How to recharge?
  • Scratch the card and dial *197*<13 digit PIN>#
  • You will receive revert Flash SMS to select the service”To activate the service, Select 1. Data Pack 2. Caller tunes 3. FM Radio.” Press 1/2/3 to select the offer
  • For data- Once you activate the service, you will receive an activation message.
  • For CT- Once you activate the service, you will receive a message with a toll free number (12366) which you can dial and select songs without any extra charges. You can change max 2 songs free of charge post which you shall be charged. After 2 songs are availed and you again dials 12366 then you will be prompted that you have already availed 2 Free songs, now dial 57979 (Toll Free) for more songs. Standard Song charge would apply.
  • For FM- Once you activate the service, you will receive a message wherein a Short code (598305) will be provided to the you where you can dial and listen to Mobile Radio FREE for 50 mins in 13 languages with 5 days validity. No extra charges will be applicable to you on dialing the short code to utilize its 50 minutes. After you have consumed 50 Free minutes, on dialing 598305 you will be prompted to visit Nearest retailer to purchase another voucher.
Prepaid recharge options
MRP (Rs) Talktime (Rs) Validity (days) Processing
Fee (Rs)
Tax (Rs)
Equivalent Mins
5 0 1 day 4.45 0.55 50 local vodafone night minutes ( 11pm - 7am)
15 0 2 Days 13.35 1.65 25 local / STD Min
21 0 28 Days 18.69 2.31 All STD @40p/Min
25 0 14 Days 22.25 2.75 75 Local Offpeak Mins (10PM-6PM)
34 0 30 Days 30.27 3.73 USA, Canada, Australia Fixed, Malaysia @2.5p/Sec; Nepal and Gulf (Excluding Oman and Qatar)@11p/Sec; Singapore, Thailand@3p/Sec; Bangladesh@4p/sec.
35 0 14 Days 31.15 3.85 85 Local V2V Mins
60 50.4 Nil 3 6.60 Any Talktime between Rs.50 to 100


  • Tariff subject to change without prior notice.
How to recharge?
  • Scratch the silver panel at the back of recharge card to reveal the 14-digit recharge code
  • Call 140 (toll free), from your Vodafone mobile phone
  • Press 2 for the recharge option
  • Key in the recharge code, 4 digits at a time
  • If you have entered the wrong digits, press the * key. If you have entered the correct digits, press # to continue. Once you finish entering all the digits, you will automatically be told the new value of talktime available on your Vodafone mobile phone
  • If you want to recharge on call, dial 140, follow the simple instructions, enter the 14-digit recharge code and your Vodafone mobile phone is automatically recharged
  • If you want to recharge through a landline or any other mobile phone, dial 9719097140, dial 91 followed by your Vodafone number and ether the 14-digit recharge code when requested to.

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