Get your new Vodafone Prepaid card at just Rs 49 and speak at the most attractive rates.

TypeSKU 15
MRP (Rs)15
Initial TalktimeRs. 0
SIM Card/tariff validity180 days
Local Call RatesPer Second
Vodafone-to-Vodafone calls2p/sec
Vodafone-Other Mobiles2p/sec
To Landlines
Local SMS1
National SMS1.5
International SMS5
All Incoming Calls0.75
Outgoing CallsRs/min
Local Calls1
STD Calls1.5
ISD CallsRates applicable same as in home network

The basic tariff inbuilt in to the SIM is Rs 1 per minute for Local calls and Rs 1.5oper minute for STD calls

To know more about the country ISD codes & call rates, click here.

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As per govt. regulations w.e.f 22nd March '13, for connections without any usage (voice/video calls, Outgoing SMS, internet usage, VAS purchases with balance) for 90 days, following actions are liable to be performed by Vodafone
  • For subscribers with less than Rs. 20 balance, all services will be deactivated pending payment of Reactivation Fee for a period of 15 days. Number will be disconnected on non-payment of said Fee within this period.
  • For subscribers with more than Rs. 20 balance, Automatic Number Retention Scheme will be put into effect - Rs. 20 will be deducted and services will continue for 30 days. If there is no usage till the end of this period,, i) or ii) may come into effect, depending on balance.
  • Minimum Rs200 need to get recharge to maintain the life time period.
  • MRP inclusive of 12.36% service tax
  • To enjoy the benefits of Bonus Cards, positive balance needs to be maintained in account.

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