GPRS Roaming

View video clips. Send and receive MMS. Access your BlackBerry and mail. Surf the web. All while you´re relaxing in Bermuda or partying in Ibiza – just as you do in your hometown. Now that´s what we call trouble–free Roaming!

Activate GPRS Roaming

sms ACT VL to 111 (toll free) to activate Vodafone live! and browse GPRS on your handset.

sms ACT VMC199 to 111 (toll free) to activate Vodafone Mobile Connect and browse the Internet on your laptop.

Are you covered?

GPRS Roaming is available on select networks only. You can access BlackBerry, Vodafone live! and Vodafone Mobile Connect while Roaming within India on Vodafone, Idea, Reliance, Spice Punjab and LOOP mobile (Mumbai) networks. Home tariffs apply for GPRS on Vodafone and 10p / 10KB for GPRS usage on Idea, Reliance and Spice Punjab networks.

Internationally, you can access GPRS across 250 operators in 96 countries. While Roaming internationally GPRS is charged at a flat rate of Rs5.50 / 10KB.

To understand the charging better please refer to the example below:

While Roaming in USA on the Cingular network, if you go to your handset will download the Yahoo home page. The size of the page would be about 400KB.

The charges for data usage on International Roaming are flat Rs5.50 / 10KB. Hence for downloading 400KB the charge would be Rs220

10 days packs

Monthly packs

Roam and Redeem

Sign up for Vodafone's Roam and Redeem Program and get reward points every time you call, message or surf the internet while you are on roaming. To know more, click here.

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