Vodafone Prepaid Cellphone connection

Go mobile with a Vodafone Prepaid cell mobile phone and control how much you spend with the best Prepaid cellphone tariff plan. Buy a special Prepaid mobile handset for your Vodafone Prepaid cellphone connection with our Prepaid mobile handset offers. To keep talking without any talktime or validity hassles make use of our flexible recharging options for your Vodafone Prepaid SIM cards: Prepaid recharge cards, eTopUp and Direct Top-Up. It’s easy to find a Prepaid recharge topup too: we’ve got Prepaid outlets everywhere, so that you can stay connected wherever you are.

And that’s not all – you can also subscribe to our unique Prepaid cellphone services and Prepaid mobilephone offers and make the most of your Vodafone Prepaid SIM cards in India.

Find a Prepaid mobile phone tariff plan

Reach out to the world with a Vodafone Prepaid SIM card without worrying about mobile Prepaid recharge minutes and Prepaid phone rates. Select a Prepaid mobile phone tariff plan that works for you. Choose your Prepaid mobile phone tariff plan

Prepaid phone services

Subscribe to Vodafone’s unique Prepaid cellphone services and make the most of your Vodafone mobile phone. For our Prepaid cellular services,click here

Bonus Cards

Charge your Prepaid phone and enjoy slashed Prepaid phone rates with Bonus Cards for your Vodafone Prepaid cellphone tariff plans. Read more

Vodafone Postpaid

Go Vodafone with a new Vodafone Postpaid connection and talk without worrying about your bill. Become a Vodafone Postpaid user with a Postpaid mobile handset for your SIM by making use of Vodafone’s mobile handset offers. Make the most out of every penny you spend by choosing the right Vodafone Postpaid talkplan. And if you want to know which plan suits your usage best, ask us – we’ll be happy to help.

What’s more – you can also subscribe to our Vodafone Postpaid offers and reduce expenses even more. Take a look at the various services we have for you and use your phone for many more than just making calls.

And when it comes to paying you bill that’s easy too! We’ve got a wide variety of Vodafone Postpaid bill payment options. Choose the payment option that works best for you. If you need help, come to us we’ll be happy to help!

Sounds good? Check out all the benefits that come along with a Vodafone Postpaid SIM card, and it’ll sound even better!

Read more about Vodafone Postpaid

World Calling Cards

Save up to 30% on your ISD & STD calls with World Calling Card from Vodafone for your Vodafone mobile phones.

World Calling Card from Vodafone is a Prepaid long distance calling card that you can use with your Vodafone Prepaid and Postpaid mobile phones to make ISD & STD calls. That’s right – you don’t need individual ISD calling cards and STD calling cards anymore. With the help of this Prepaid World Calling Card, you can keep a tab on your long-distance call expenses. Plus no security deposit.

It’s easy to buy World Calling Cards in India. World Calling Cards are available at your nearest Vodafone Store, Vodafone Mini Store or at any shop that displays the “World Calling Card” sign.

World Calling Card rates

Make the most of your Vodafone mobile phone while making long distance calls with the special World Calling Card rates meant to help you save money. Check out World Calling Card rates

Using our international Prepaid calling cards

Scratch the silver foil on the cell phone calling card for India to get your secret 12-digit PIN. Dial the toll free number on the back or 50118 / 50218 and enter the PIN from your Prepaid World Calling Card.

To make an STD call with your Prepaid mobile phone card, dial ´0´ followed by the STD code and then the phone number.

To make an ISD call with your Prepaid mobile card, dial ´00´ followed by the ISD code and the phone number.

For more information on using your Prepaid phone card, click here

Checking your balance

To know how much you’ve spent on your Vodafone cell phone with lower overseas Calling Card rates, SMS WCCBAL <12 digit PIN> to 111 (toll free)

Making payments for your Prepaid phone calling cards

You will never have to face any hassles of bill payments for this Prepaid phone calling card because there simply are no bills. With this Prepaid phone Calling Card, your charges get deducted as you speak.

For more information on ISD calling cards and STD calling cards, dial 50119 (toll free)

Gulf Calling Card

Now you can call the Gulf at the lowest possible calling card rates with the best Prepaid phone card for the Gulf. Know more

Vodafone PCO

Want to start making some money? Install a Vodafone PCO in your house or shop, and start earning today with fixed cellular terminals. It´s easy to install, maintain and use – and provides uninterrupted service. It doesn´t even take up that much space! Read more

Vodafone Handyphone

Introducing the landline that’s loaded with all the features of a cell phone - including low call rates. And Vodafone Handyphone aren’t that expensive either. You can make one yours for as little as Rs 1999.

Key features:

  • Calls to any 3 Vodafone numbers @ 20p / min
  • Calls to all local mobile phones @ 40p / min
  • Free local & STD calls every month

Choose your Vodafone Handyphone

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