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  • What is Mobile Number Portability?
    Mobile Number Portability (MNP) is a service offered by all mobile service providers that allows you to switch over to another service provider while retaining your existing mobile phone number. So now you can join the exciting world of Vodafone keeping the number you’ve always had.
  • How will you benefit from MNP?
    You are free to choose a new mobile service provider without having to change to a new number. You don’t have to notify friends/ family and associates about your new operator when you move to Vodafone or any other operator. Just use your phone like you always do.
  • What is porting of numbers ?
    Porting of numbers is the actual switching of a mobile operator/ mobile service provider without having to change one’s mobile number. However, only active mobile numbers can be ported, so you do not have your number disconnected before porting.
  • What are the charges for porting a number to Vodafone?
    The TRAI recommended charges for porting in is Rs 19 however the exact charges differ as per the circle that you belong to.
  • How long does it take to port a number?
    The entire process of porting takes approximately 7 days. The exceptions are J&K, Assam & the North Eastern regions where it will take 10 days from the receipt of porting clearance from the donor operator (operator that you are leaving)
  • What do I need to keep in mind before joining/porting to Vodafone?
    Postpaid customers cannot port in/out if they have overdue bills. All existing credit available to Prepaid customers will expire upon successful porting and will not be carried forward. Call charges, plans and VAS offered by Vodafone may differ from that offered by your earlier service provider.
  • When can I make a porting request?
    You are eligible to make a porting request if you have: An active connection that is at least 90 days old (as counted from the date of new activation or the last port date) No payments outstanding to the donor operator (operator that you are leaving) No requests pending for change of ownership of the number
  • What documents must a Prepaid/Postpaid customer submit while making a port in request to Vodafone?
    The customer will have to submit following documents:
    -Original and photocopy of Photo Identity Proof
    -Original and photocopy of Local Address Proof
    -Copy of the Last Bill (Only for Postpaid)
    -Security deposit of Rs 250 (Only for Postpaid)
    -PAN Card if Any
    -2 Passport Size Color Photograph
  • Where can I find a Vodafone MNP form?
    MNP forms will be available along with the CAF/CIF form at all Vodafone Stores and channel partner outlets.
  • Can Prepaid subscribers port their numbers?
    Yes, they can. Existing Prepaid subscribers can request either Prepaid or Postpaid services with the recipient operator. The same is the case with Postpaid.
  • Can numbers be ported across circles?
    No, porting is only available within each circle.
  • Can a landline number be ported?
  • Can a single employee series of corporate number be ported out?
    Yes, as long as the employee submits an approval from the authorised signatory to the donor operator and it is also subject to meeting the porting criteria for the entire account.
  • Will I get a new SIM card when I join Vodafone/port my number?
    Yes, new Vodafone SIM cards will be issued to you when you make your porting requests.
  • What will happen to the contacts and messages stored on my old SIM card?
    You will have to back up the contacts and the messages stored on the old SIM card before making the porting request. Vodafone will not be able to transfer these to the new SIM card.
  • How long will I be without service while my existing SIM card is deactivated and my Vodafone SIM card it activated?
    The maximum period of ‘No Service’ is two hours as defined by the regulator.
  • How are subscribers informed about SIM activation/deactivation during porting?
    Subscribers are intimated via SMS about the date and time of porting. Your old SIM will be deactivated within one hour of the stated time of porting. Your new Vodafone SIM card will be activated within two hours of the stated porting time.
  • Can a subscriber submit a porting request to more than one operator at the same time?
    Yes. However only the request that was made first will be cleared by the Mobile Clearing House.
  • If a subscriber ports to another operator and makes a call, which number will actually appear
    on the receiver’s mobile phone?
    The existing mobile number of the subscriber will appear on the receiver’s mobile phone.
  • Can subscribers’ numbers be ported without their permission?
    No, subscribers’ permission is essential. The recipient operator must verify all requests and validate supporting documents.
  • Can I decide the date and time on which the number will be ported?
    No, you cannot dictate when the number should be ported. Upon receiving the porting request, the recipient operator will send it for processing. You will be informed once the porting validation is completed and the new SIM card is activated.
  • Can a number be ported more than once?
    Yes, but only after completing at least 90 days (from activation) with the existing operator.
  • Can subscribers on CDMA networks port their numbers to GSM operators? And vice versa?
    Yes, they are only porting their number and not the service.
  • Can a subscriber cancel a porting request? How?
    Yes. The subscriber can cancel the porting request by giving a request in writing to the recipient operator.
  • In how much time do subscribers have to cancel a submitted porting request?
    Cancellations must be done within 24 hours of making the request.
  • How much time does it take to cancel a porting request?
    24 hrs is the time frame within which porting request can be cancelled.
  • Will subscribers get a refund of porting fees on cancelling the request?
    No, the porting fees are instantly paid to the MNP service provider and cannot be refunded.
  • How can Vodafone subscribers port their number to other operators?
    They must approach the recipient operator and make a porting request.
  • What are the charges for porting a number out of Vodafone?
    There is no charge for porting out. However, porting in charges of the recipient operators may vary.
  • Will subscribers need to cancel their existing value-added services before porting?
    No. Value-added services with the donor operator will automatically be terminated once the number is successfully ported to the recipient operator.
  • Can subscribers still enjoy their existing value-added services during the porting process?
    Yes they can, except for international roaming services, which the donor operator may suspend during porting.
  • After porting, will subscribers enjoy the same services from the recipient operator?
    No, subscribers can only port their number and not their value-added services. To enjoy uninterrupted value-added services, they will have to register for these while making a porting request with the recipient operator. That said, the recipient operator is not obliged to provide identical value-added services.
  • How will a Vodafone subscriber calling a ported out number identify that it is not a Vodafone number anymore?
    The subscriber will not be able to identify such numbers. This will affect subscribers enjoying the special Vodafone – Vodafone call tariffs.
  • What will happen to my Prepaid balance when I port my number to another operator?
    The existing balance will expire upon successful porting and not be carried forward.
  • Can ported in subscribers select a plan of their choice or will there be specific plans allocated to them?
    Subscribers can select any plan which is available in the market at the time of porting.
  • Can subscribers continue to use their bundled/network-linked handsets after they port in to Vodafone?
    Yes, as long as donor operators have disabled the network lock on their handsets.
  • Can Vodafone subscribers continue to use their bundled/network-linked handsets after they port out?
    Subscribers will have to discharge any contractual obligations on their bundled or network-linked handsets before making their porting request. Only then will Vodafone approve the porting request and disable the network lock on their handsets.
  • Can subscribers retain their existing ECS arrangements after porting to Vodafone?
    No, subscribers will have to make fresh requests for ECS payments after porting in to Vodafone.
  • Where can the subscribers find information about the status of their porting request?
    Subscribers must track the status of their porting request with the donor operator till their existing SIM cards are active. After this, they must track the status with the recipient operator.
  • What is a donor operator (DO)?
    The mobile operator to whose network the mobile number belongs at the time the subscriber makes a porting request.
  • What is a recipient operator (RO)?
    The mobile operator to whose network the subscriber is porting the mobile number.
  • What is an MNP service provider?
    An organisation that acts as an intermediary between operators and facilitates smooth porting of numbers between them.
  • What is the role of the MNP service provider?
    The MNP service provider accepts porting requests from the recipient operator and initiates the porting with the donor. He also maintains a database of all the numbers that have been ported.
  • How can subscribers interact with the MNP service provider?
    Subscribers cannot interact with the MNP service provider. If they need any information about MNP then they can contact the DO or the RO.
  • What is a mobile clearing house (MCH)?
    A mobile clearing house is the same as the MNP service provider.
  • The possible reasons for Port-in request being rejected:
    If there is any billed outstanding amount more than Rs.10 at the time the porting request is processed.
    In case of any contractual obligations (e.g., on bundled handsets-Postpaid/Prepaid, COCP contract which have a valid exit clause-Postpaid)
    If the porting request applied is for across circles.
    The port-out request has been made less than 90 days from activation
    The UPC mentioned in the porting request does not match the one allocated to you
    There is a pending request for transfer of ownership on the number
    The number is prohibited from porting by a court of law or is under judicial enquiry
  • Welcome back – We would be happy to have you back !!!
    Just follow the below simple steps…
    You need to generate an 8 digit UPC code by sending PORT10 digit Mobile no to 1900
    You need to fill up the CAF and Porting Form and submit your documents (Proof of ID & address & 1 Photograph)
    If it’s a post-paid subscriber, a paid copy of the last bill issued has to be attached.
    Original docs will be required for verification
    Your old SIM card will be replaced with the new SIM card.
    Porting charges of 19/- will apply to be paid (Non-refundable charge)
    If you are a Pre-paid subscriber, the balance amount of talk time, if any, at the time of porting will lapse.
    MNP request will be processed in 7days with a no service period of 2hrs
  • Refunds
    If the port-in request is cancelled or rejected for any reason, the Porting charges of 19/- will not be refunded.
    If you have made a payment at the time of selecting an activation scheme (acquisition charge), the same will be refunded within 7 days (Acquisition charge may or may not apply depending on the activation scheme selected at the time of submitting the port-in request)
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- As per guidelines , post request sent to donor , it takes 7 days to get Number ported .

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What is Mobile Number Portability?
Mobile Number Portability or MNP is an offering that allows you to switch your mobile network without changing your number.

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