Vodafone Mobile Data VPN

Now access your corporate intranet, emails and more, directly through your Vodafone mobile phone with GPRS/ EDGE or on your laptop. From anywhere in the world. Without having to route information over the internet.Ensure a quicker response to customers and increased productivity. And a greater ROI from people, networks, laptops and mobile devices.


With the Vodafone Mobile Data VPN, you can

  • Browse your corporate intranet
  • Access corporate files and database
  • Check your emails
  • Update your appointments, calendar and more.



Vodafone Mobile Data VPN is available across the Vodafone network in India.

This service is also available with all Vodafone GPRS Roaming partners abroad



To subscribe to Vodafone Business Solutions, click here.

Note: This service is not available in Assam, M&G and North East circles.

Vodafone Live and Vodafone Mobile Connect services are core services which will be active in your account by default. The usage charges for the service will be 2p/10KB if not subscribed to any promotional offer

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