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Connect 3G USB Stick

Now I can make the most of my mobile Internet connection from my laptop or desktop.

The Vodafone Mobile Connect 3G USB Stick let me work from anywhere with real-time access to information, and no installation hassles.

I just plug it into my laptop and get connected to the Internet and my company server. And all at speeds that are faster than my traditional dial-up connection!

That’s not all – the Vodafone Mobile Connect 3G USB Stick also gives you 3G Broadband speeds while roaming abroad.

The International roaming charges for USB / 3G USB stick are Rs 5.50 / 10kb.

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K3800: The faster, smarter, better 3G USB stick

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Now make your internet surfing experience even more pleasant with the Vodafone K3800 3G USB stick. With a download speed of up to 14.4 Mbps, you can surf and stream videos seamlessly. Add up to 32GB of expandable memory to that and you are good to go with the perfect USB stick.

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4 easy steps to set up Vodafone Mobile Connect

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  • Remove the cap from the end of the 3G USB Stick. Pull out the SIM holder from its slot, and insert your SIM as shown.
Install Edgecard1
  • Re-insert the SIM holder into the 3G USB Stick.
Install Edgecard2

You’ll be supplied with two data cables – a short, single-ended one; and a long, double-ended one. You need to use the double-ended cable only if a single USB ports does not supply enough power (for eg, a USB-powered hub).

  • Plug the 3G USB Stick ?rmly into your computer’s USB port.
Install Edgecard2
  • Plug the other end into your computer’s USB port – if this does not power the modem, then use the double-ended cable.
Install Edgecard2
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