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What happens to customer's prepaid balance when customer moves to postpaid via national MNP?

When a customer moves from Prepaid to Postpaid within Vodafone via National MNP, his/her prepaid balance will get automatically transferred in postpaid account as credit balance within 48 hours.

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What happens to outstanding amount when customer moves to different circle?

For Vodafone to Vodafone National MNP (Postpaid to Postpaid) the outstanding in the Donor circle account will be automatically transferred to Recipient circle account within 48 hours.

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How can I manage my Vodafone account on my own?

Vodafone gives you various Self-service options, so you can manage your account.

My Vodafone App

Manage your Vodafone account on the go with this must-have app on your mobile phone. You can pay your bill, recharge your Prepaid account, track service requests, subscribe to the best offers and do much more with this app.

So go ahead and download it on your phone today!

Click here to manage your Vodafone account right here

Just Dial *111#

You can have all the information you need at your fingertips.

There's no need to call a Customer Care executive anymore for information regarding your bill, talk plan, account balance, data plans, offers or new services. Now you can get all this information instantly. Just dial *111# from your Vodafone mobile phone and access our phone-based self-service menu for:


  • Bill Details
  • Current bill / Last 3 bills / Last 3 payments
  • Talk plan details
  • VAS and Services
  • Delight offers
  • Active Internet plan details and Data balance
  • International Roaming Activation


  • Delight offers
  • Balance
  • Last 3 Activities
  • Tariff plan details
  • VAS and Services
  • Active Internet plan details and Data balance
  • Bonus Card activations
  • Best Offer
  • Low Balance Service

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How can I explore new Plans & Offers?

New plans can be explored via the website.
You can check new plans/data plan on USSD as well.

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How do I understand my bill? (Bill Explanation)

A bill is a request to the user of a product or service to pay for the products or services delivered by the provider. It contains the details of the products and services availed by the user. To understand the Bill click here

Billing Cycle
Billing cycle is the time period for which the bill is generated (30 days). It lists the charges for the phone from a particular date to a stipulated date.
Current Billing Cycles are 1,4,7,11,15,18,25 and 28. Closed Billing cycles 2.

Due Date
It is the last day of the billing cycle.
E.g. If the billing cycle is from 04 to 03 of every month, the Due date would be 22nd of every month (i. e. 18th day from bill cycle Date for cheque / cash payments. For DDI/DDB due date remains the same except that payment will be debited on the 15th Day)

Bill Date
The date on which the customer’s bill is being calculated and compiled.
Example : - If bill period is from 4th Sep to 3rd Oct bill will be generated on 4th Oct.

Bill Period
It is one complete month for which the customer has been billed. 30 days
E.g. If the billing cycle is from 25th, the bill period would be from 25th to next month 24th.

Bill Number
This number appears on the top right corner of the bill.

Relationship Number
This is a unique number assigned to the customer.Reflects on the top left hand side of the customers bill.It may vary in length from 9 digits in Individual accounts to 16 digits in Corporate accounts.

Previous Balance
This is the amount which is payable by the customer from his previous bill.
E.g. A customer gets a bill for Rs. 1,000 in March. He pays Rs. 700. Now, when the next bill is generated in April, it would also display the last bill amount of Rs 1,000 as the amount which is payable by the customer from his previous bill.

Payment Received
This is the payment received from the customer for the last outstanding bill or any interim payment made in the previous bill period.
E.g. A customer gets a bill for Rs. 1,000. He pays Rs. 700. The next bill will show that a payment of Rs. 700 has been received from the customer.

Current Charges
This includes all the charges levied on the customer’s bill in the current period.
Current Charges = Airtime + Toll charges + Rental Charges+ Roaming charges + Other Debits/ Credits-Discounts-Miscellaneous credits & charges+ service tax.

Amount Due
Net amount is the value which a customer needs to pay in lieu of services used on Vodafone network. Amount Due (Net Amount) = (Previous Dues –Payment Received) + Current Charges.

LPC – Late Payment Charges

  • If the Amount Due is greater than100 To less than 299.99 /- then LPC will be 25
  • If the Amount Due is greater than 300 and less than 499.99 then LPC will be 50
  • If the Amount Due is greater than 500 and above then LPC will be 100
  • In the Bill it will be shown in the column of "Amount Due After Due Date"

Credit Limit
The credit limit is a factor of the customers paid up security, average monthly usage, payment track record and number of months in the network.

One Time Charges
One time Membership Fees, Advance Rental Plan charges, Fax & Data charges & Fax charges.

Monthly Charges
It includes all the rental charges levied to the customer in his current bill. It contains :-
Basic Plan Rental, CLIP, Roaming Rental, Additional Package charges, VAS Rentals

Usage Charges
These are the charges levied on the customer for the usage of the phone.
Usage Charges = Airtime = Local / STD / ISD / Roaming.

Messaging Charges
Messaging charges are the charges levied to the customer for sending messages.
Messaging charges are charged for :
Special number SMS

Roaming Charges
RCF – Roaming call forward
VAT – only in international roaming

Discounts/Other charges
Volume discount is any discount on the outgoing airtime charges of the customer.These discounts are given as a part of the schemes, which are launched time to time.
Volume Discount can’t be carried forward to the next month. It gets forfeited, if it remains unutilized.

Misc Credits/Charges
Includes any other credit or debit charges applicable to the customer.
E.g.: Late Fee, SIM replacement charges (Rs 99/-) except Chennai (Rs 15), Credit on Invoice (free services that we give to the customer for retaining him), cheque bounce charges.
Late fee is levied on the customer’s account when the Net amount due is unpaid, if the customer has not paid the bill within the due date.
-Above 300 Rs and below 500 Rs = Rs 50 (Late Fees) Above 500 Rs = Rs 100 ( Late Fees ).

Service tax is levied on the total bill of the customer.15.0% is the service tax which is levied.

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My Vodafone App

Manage your account and do much more on-the-go. You can pay your phone bill, recharge your Prepaid account, track service requests, or subscribe to the best offers while you're on the move.



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