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Switch to Vodafone

 Switch to Vodafone​


How to Switch to Vodafone

Tips for an easy move to Vodafone while retaining your existing number.


Step 1. What you will need

Passport size photographs

Address proof

Photo ID proof

E.g. Passport

Click here for a complete list of acceptable documents
Indian Nationals / Foreign Nationals

Step 2. To get a SIM, you will need to

Visit our Vodafone Store or Vodafone Mini Store OR Any retail outlet near your location

Generate an 8 digit UPC code by sending PORT10 digit Mobile no to 1900

Fill up the CAF and Porting Form and submit your documents (Proof of ID & address & 1 Photograph)

View sample form

Submit your documents

To Apply Click Here

Find a Vodafone Store

OR Visit any of our 1.7 Mn retail outlets near your location



  • If you’re a post-paid subscriber, a paid copy of the last bill issued has to be attached
  • If you are a pre-paid subscriber, the balance amount of talk time, if any, at the time of porting will lapse
  • Porting charges of Rs. 19/- will apply to be paid (Non-refundable charge)
  • PORT<10 digit Mobile no> to 1900 - SMS Charges would be as per the SMS Plan , in case if there is no SMS plan, then the charges would be Rs.1

Step 3. Activate your number

Your documents will now get verified

Your old SIM card will be replaced with the new SIM card

MNP request will be processed in 7days with a no service period of 2hrs

You will be intimated via SMS about the date and time of porting

Your old SIM will be deactivated within one hour of the stated time of porting

Your new Vodafone SIM card will be activated within two hours of the stated porting time.

Keep in mind: Possible reasons why your port-In request could be rejected

  • If there is any billed outstanding amount more than Rs. 10 at the time the porting request is processed.
  • In case of any contractual obligations (e.g., on bundled handsets-Postpaid/Prepaid, corporate contract which has a valid exit clause-Postpaid)
  • If the porting request applied is for across circles.
  • The port-out request has been made less than 90 days from activation
  • The UPC mentioned in the porting request does not match the one allocated to you
  • There is a pending request for transfer of ownership on the number
  • The number is prohibited from porting by a court of law or is under judicial enquiry

Make sure your overdue bills are all paid up


Postpaid customers cannot port in/out if they have overdue bills.


Existing credit available will expire upon successful porting and will not be carried forward.

Note: Call charges, plans and VAS offered by Vodafone may differ from those offered by your earlier service provider.

Check if you’re eligible to port

You are eligible to make a porting request if you have:

  • An active connection that is at least 90 days old
    (as counted from the date of new activation or the last port date)
  • No outstanding payments to the donor operator (operator that you are leaving)
  • No requests pending for change of ownership of the number
  • Your request for porting is within the same circle.



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