Vodafone Delights - Accelerated Reward Points

Accelerated Reward Points
Now Vodafone Delights brings even greater value to your Vodafone connection through our participation in Reward Points programs of select banks.

Get rewarded for using your credit or debit card at Vodafone Stores, on our payment IVR or on the Vodafone website to be eligible to earn additional Reward Points over and above the reward points you already earn on your card.

How do I earn additional Reward Points from Vodafone?

  • Earn an additional 1.5 Reward Points for every Rs 100 worth of Vodafone payments that you do using your credit or debit card.
  • You can also earn additional Points by using your credit or debit card to shop at any other participating Extra Points partner outlets.
Bonus points

Which credit/debit card can I use to get additional Reward Points?

You can use the following credit or debit cards of these participating banks to avail your additional Reward Points:

Standard charted

Debit cards

  • Platinum Debit Card
  • Priority Banking Platinum debit card
  • Preferred Platinum debit card
  • Private Banking Infinite Platinum debit card


Credit cards

  • Platinum Rewards credit cards
  • Platinum Elite credit cards
  • Manhattan Platinum credit cards
  • Super Titanium credit cards
  • Visa Infinite credit cards
  • Preferred World credit cards


For more details visit


Credit cards

  • Premier credit card
  • Platinum credit card
  • Advance Platinum credit card
  • Gold credit card

For more details visit

Citi bank

Credit cards

  • Jet Airways Citibank Platinum credit card
  • Jet Airways Citibank Titanium credit card
  • Jet Airways CitiBusiness credit card

For more details visit

What do I do with the accumulated Reward Points?

Once you have accumulated Reward Points from your credit or debit card swipes at Vodafone and other Participating Partner outlets, you can redeem them for bill discount (if you have a Vodafone Post Paid connection) or talk time (in case you have a Vodafone PrePaid connection).

Please note that for Citibank – Jet Airways co-branded credit cards, the Reward Points can be accumulated only towards JPMiles.

How do I get to know more about these Reward Programmes

Standard Chartered Bank cardholders, please visit www.bonuspoints.co.in
HSBC cardholders, please visit www.extrapoints.co.in/hsbc
Citibank cardholders, please visit www.extrajpmiles.com

There’s more!

We shall be adding more banking partners and cards to the Accelerated Rewards Points programme. So keep watching this space.
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