The Smart way to insure your smartphone

Mobile phone insurance is a rather new concept, and as a result, most smartphone owners are unaware of it. Smartphone theft is a common thing making it imperative for smartphone owners to insure their devices. Insuring high-end mobile phones is even more important as they are highly prone to theft, for the lucrative features they hold. Let us learn more about Vodafone’s Mobile Shield- a smartphone insurance cover by Vodafone in the article below.   


What is Mobile Shield?

Mobile Shield is a third-party application software that offers smartphone protection or device security insurance worth ₹3000 to Vodafone’s active RED Postpaid subscribers.


Benefits of Mobile Shield


Mobile Shield Cover     


  •    Protection from accidental physical and liquid damage caused to the handset
  •    Protection from theft and damage caused by virus, malware or trojans
  •    Extended warranty beyond the manufacturer's 1-year warranty period
  •    Vodafone RED Postpaid users can avail mobile shield free of cost for 1 year


To avail Mobile Shield subscribers need to:


  •   Download the Mobile Shield app from
  •   Register the mobile handset to avail the Mobile Shield device security certificate
  •   Or
  •   SMS ‘DSS’ to 199        



Vodafone plans that include Mobile Shield


Here are a few Vodafone postpaid plans that include Mobile Shield protection


  •  Vodafone RED Postpaid Family Plan ₹598
  •  Vodafone RED Postpaid Family Plan ₹749
  •  Vodafone RED Postpaid Family Plan ₹999
  •  Vodafone RED Postpaid Individual Plan ₹399
  •  Vodafone RED Postpaid Individual Plan ₹499


Conditions to be met to avail Mobile Shield


To avail Mobile Shield subscription the following criteria needs to be fulfilled:


  •  Your mobile phones (for which you seek damage protection) should come with import/manufacture date less than 24 months at the time of registration
  •  The mobile handset should be purchased from an authorised mobile seller in India
  •  The handset should be in good working condition
  •  In case you choose to opt-out of the devise security plan before the subscription ends (1 year), you can fulfil only the current month dues (devise security) and freely exit
  •  In case of temporary suspension from any Vodafone postpaid plans that offer mobile shield protection services the device security remains active on your account for a period of 30 days from the date of suspension
  •  If you fail to restore the suspended services beyond 30 days, your devise security will be permanently deactivated
  •  Device security can be restarted only after registration to restore the postpaid services



Subscribers can initiate a device security claim either through a phone call, an SMS, an email or by logging on to the claim registration portal. Customers can opt for:


  • Door pickup/drop facility of the damaged device
  • Customers can walk-in with the damaged device to the nearest service point
  • Courier the damaged device to a Vodafone for device repair


For any queries on Vodafone’s Mobile Shield, please visit