Best ways to pay your mobile bills online


Thank God! We are now in an era where, standing in long queues, making long commutes to the service provider’s office to pay mobile bills and the fear of skipping due dates - are all a passé.


Vodafone now makes your  bill payment experience an easy ride. Now you can easily carry out Vodafone bill payments either through the website or via the MyVodafone app. You can find the MyVodafone app on both the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store.


Pay your bills through Vodafone’s online platforms:

  • Saves time (Save you from spending long hours in queues and commutes)
  • Saves energy (Save energy from waiting outside the billing office and being stuck in traffic)
  • Saves money (Save money on transport and gets you e-coupons, discounts and cashback)

Below are the various online bill payment options that Vodafone offers:


Via Vodafone Website


Whether you’re travelling or at home, visit the Vodafone mobile bill payment page and make bill payments on-the-go. Below are the payment gateways that you can use for bill payments.


  •  Credit/Debit Cards
  •  Net Banking
  •  UPI
  •  Wallets – PayTM and Mobikwik





Once you enter your mobile number and the bill amount, you can make a postpaid bill payment here by entering your card number, expiry date and CVV. You will get an OTP SMSed to your phone. After you enter your OTP, you can make the payment and receive a payment SMS alert on your phone.


Note: None of your sensitive information like ‘CVV’ or ‘expiry date’ will be saved on our website. Our customer’s security is of prime importance for us.


Net Banking


You can pay your Vodafone bills via net banking by:


  • Selecting your bank
  • You’ll be redirected to the bank’s login window, where you can make an online bill payment


All Net Banking payments are carried out securely.




Vodafone gives you the privilege to make secure payments using a universal code- UPI (Unified Payment Interface). The best thing with UPI is that you need not maintain different accounts for different banks here. The same UPI code will successfully make your transactions, irrespective of the bank with which you hold an account.





Vodafone allows you to make bill payments on-the-fly using the Paytm app. Click on the Paytm link and register your number. After registering your number, you can log in and use your Paytm balance to make a postpaid bill payment.


Via the MyVodafone App


You can also make instant bill payments via the MyVodafone app without having to log in to the website. Just download the app from the Play Store for Android phones or the iOS App Store for Apple phones.


The following are the online bill payment platforms you can use here:


Note: The MyVodafone app also allows subscribers to use similar gateways like Net Banking, cards (debit/credit), and PayTM. However, there are distinct gateways that are exclusively offered by MyVodafone which are as follows:




Another secure mobile bill payment gateway that MyVodafone gives you access to make bill payments. Just enter your phone number and the amount to be paid. You’ll be directed to MobiKwik’s login page, where you enter your mobile number and OTP, following which, you can make a secure bill payment.




 LazyPay is a payment gateway similar to that of credit cards, that the MyVodafone app exclusively supports. LazyPay credits bill amount on your behalf and you can repay the amount later to LazyPay. Make your bill payment experience a pleasant journey and leave the rest to Vodafone.



Points to remember:


  • Make sure that you set up monthly alerts on your phone to avoid skipping bill payments
  • Regular bill payments online can fetch you a good credit score
  • Monitor your expenses by closely watching your billing transactions. Doing so will help you make good savings

Happy Vodafone services to you.