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At Vodafone, we owe our success to the outstanding people who make it happen for our customers every single day. We don’t just say we’re passionate about our people - we mean it. We always listen to what our people have to say. We always reward those who are dedicated to performing at their very best.

‘We’re at our best when you’re at yours’ are not just words, they are our beliefs. We provide our employees with a world of opportunities to help them discover and develop their talents. This not only enables them to make better professional contributions, but also enhances their personal growth.

Career Explorer​

We at Vodafone India subscribe to the philosophy of offering our internal talent opportunities, before scouting for external talent. We believe the greatest career rewards come from investing in our employees’ professional growth. For this purpose, we use an internal career opportunity process known as Career Explorer. Falling under Vodafone India’s resourcing initiative, it encourages internal movements within, as well as across, functions and locations.

Talent Framework at Vodafone

Our talent framework enables our leaders and high potential employees to maximise their potential. With a focus on “Raising the Bar” on talent, the framework combines both, Leadership Trainings and Global Talent programmes and practices.

Leadership programme

Leadership Programmes

Young Professionals

Young Leaders Programme

Campus Connect

Campus Connect

Known as our signature accelerated leadership development programmes, these are specifically for high potential candidates in the mid- to senior-level management category.

Bolt Programme

The BOLT programme is aimed at middle-level management employees.

Lighthouse programme

The Lighthouse programme is aimed at high-potential employees in senior management bands. Identified for senior management roles, these employees are taken through 12 months of accelerated leadership development programmes. Many of them are also exposed to group level opportunities, either through projects or deputations.

Global Inspire Programme

The Global Inspire Programme selects high potential and top performing employees in leadership roles from across the globe for nomination. Their careers are then tracked and the employees are subsequently provided with global learning opportunities.

empowering Amit  

Empowering Amit

It’s been quite a journey for me. I delivered the highest Net Promoter Score in India with customers who used 100% Vodafone products. I am now VGE’s Head of Partner Management, UK. I feel like all my hard work is truly paying off.

We’re at our best when you’re at yours.


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  • Corporate Responsibility

    Corporate Responsibility

    We leverage mobile technology to empower communities

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