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world of opportunities 
world of opportunities 

At Vodafone, we rely on delivering the best possible customer experience. We want to be identified with 4 key qualities: Customer Obsessed, Innovation Hungry, Ambitious and Competitive and One Company, Local Roots. For this to happen, we know that great strategy alone will not make us leaders – delivering on customer expectations will.

The Vodafone Way helps us to achieve this goal. We practice the principles of Speed, Simplicity and Trust, in order to be the Admired Leader.



We make things simple for our customers, partners and each other. We removecomplex obstacles that provide no value add andask for data only when it’s absolutely required. We make our own and others’ accountabilities clear, enabling people to make quick deliveries.


We always act with honesty, integrity and fairness. We value the confidence placed in us by our customers, our people and our business partners and also trust that others will act likewise.

We seek inputs from stakeholders and incorporate their feedback in our decisions. We ensure there are checks and balances but never force our authority on others.

Customer Obsessed

We strive to exceed customer expectations by really understanding our customers and taking personal accountability for their experiences. Our decisions are based on what is best for the customer.

Innovation Hungry

At Vodafone we aim to delight our customers by finding better ways to create and deliver new products and services. This is achieved by taking risks and exploring possibilities.

Ambitious and Competitive

Our energy and passion give us a competitive edge, while being lean and cost-effective help us achieve world-class performance. We consistently evaluate our performance and work to improve the outcome.

One Company, Local Roots

At Vodafone we want the best outcome for our customers, employees and shareholders. We value differences and act inclusively. Our decisions positively impact Vodafone as a whole, rather than our independent business units.

Being an Admired Leader

At Vodafone, leadership is more than fantastic results –it also involves positively impacting the lives of those we touch. We value courage and resilience. Our teams consist of diverse, high-performing and truly inspiring individuals.

>Power to Shivam

Power to Shivam

Vodafone’s Discover Programme uncovers talent and helps us become future leaders. It has allowed me, a management trainee and data marketer, to make mobile internet engaging by converting ideas into products and services that engage consumers. This is the Vodafone way.

That’s how Vodafone empowers people and shapes the world. Join us and live the Vodafone way!

We’re at our best when you’re at yours.


Power to you

>Empowering Rama and Rajaram  

Empowering Rama and Rajaram

The safety of our employees, partners and associates is of the utmost importance to us. Nothing could be simpler than calling our partners and instructing them on how to stay safe at all times, in all circumstances. That’s why we created “Mission Reach,” a campaign which exemplifies the Vodafone Way behaviours. Through this campaign over 1,10,000 employees reached more than 77,000 partners and employees, and demonstrated our values with a passion.

We’re at our best when you’re at yours.


Power to you

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    Corporate Responsibility

    We leverage mobile technology to empower communities

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