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Living the Vodafone way  

At Vodafone, we believe in ‘We’re at our best when you’re at yours’. We strive to create a vibrant and open work environment that is employee-friendly and socially responsible. Work-life initiatives like our Excite Events, counselling and wellness sessions, Vodafone Tube, Friday Fun, Watchful Wednesday, Vodafone Day makes work fun!

National Excite Events

Cricket Tournament, for Men & Women and Knowledge Challenge are National Excite Events that challenge us outside work make work fun! On Vodafone Day, our fun-filled annual event, we share and celebrate the year gone by with our employees and their families. And in Vodafone Tube we showcase Our best practices impacting, business, employees & Society.

Here to Hear Programme

Our Here to Hear Programme provides support to those facing career and relationship issues, work/personal stress and so on, through professionally qualified and experienced counsellors.

Online Healthcare Portal

We encourage our employees to stay fit and use the online healthcare portal where they can avail services like Ask a Doctor, Ask a Specialist, Health Risk Assessment (HRA), Get a Call from the Doctor, Get a Call from the Counsellor, and Get a Personalised Diet Plan.

Global Wellbeing Challenge

Inspired by World Heart Day on 29 September, we run a Global Wellbeing Challenge, encouraging our employees to take part in a fun, mileage-based exercise competition. This year, over 3,500 enthusiastic participants walked, danced, skated, ran, cycled, hiked, swam, took exercise classes, performed acrobatics, rowed, ran up and down stairs, played cricket and took part in company exercise events to improve their health. Together, we travelled 2,13,772 miles together. That’s nearly 9 times around the world!

People Survey

Our annual People Survey gives us an opportunity to hear what our people have to say, helping us make a difference and measure our performance.

Talks and Workshops

We also organise talks and workshops on work-life balance, marriage, parenting, counselling skills, working women's issues and shift work lifestyle management.

And yes, it feels great to be recognised as a ‘Great Place to Work’!

Power to shivam  

Power to Shivam

Vodafone’s Discover Programme uncovers talent and helps us become future leaders. It has allowed me, a management trainee and data marketer, to make mobile internet engaging by converting ideas into products and services that engage consumers.

This is the Vodafone way.

That’s how Vodafone empowers people and shapes the world. Join us and live the Vodafone way!

We’re at our best when you’re at yours


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