Payments made easy and secure 

Pine Labs ensured a better money transfer system and reduced the risk of misuse.

  • Business Need

    A specialist in point of sale solutions, Pine Labs provides payment, loyalty and retail automation systems to over 30,000 retailers across different categories. Their usage of a SIM-based PoS solution posed the risk of SIM misuse and misplacement. They also needed a better money transfer system due to difficulties faced while monitoring and collating data.

  • The Solution

    Vodafone replaced the SIM-based PoS with Wired MPLS solution, which managed the exchange of intensive communication and large data volumes in a faster and more efficient manner.   

  • Business Benefits
    • Pine Labs were able to centralise or decentralise their PoS terminals to monitor and collate data
    • They now had the option of collecting all their payments at a single hub
    • They had the flexibility of extending their network by adding more locations to their network with functional advantages.
    • This change made the PoS systems more reliable and efficient, leading to reduced costs and increased productivity
    • The increase in data exchange at higher volumes led to more traffic and a higher customer base



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