Internet of Things Solutions

Here's how IoT is changing business as we know it:

59% of IoT adopters in healthcare are using it to increase revenue by creating new products, differentiating existing products and offering new services

Energy & Utilities

51% of IoT adopters in energy and utilities are using it to improve and automate existing processes

Transport & Logistics

54% of transport and logistics companies are seeing reduced costs with IoT


51% of IoT adopters in the automotive industry say that IoT has improved brand differentiation

Explore our suite of IoT solutions


Vodafone Location Tracker

Gain better visibility of supply chains, track and monitor the location of assets and improve business efficiency


Smart Metering

Get a wealth of detailed, real-time data so you can monitor the utility consumption of customers


Vodafone Security & Surveillance

Leverage remote security and surveillance solutions to protect your business' sensitive information


Vodafone Automotive Telematics

Enhance vehicle performance, improve design and streamline your operations


Remote Asset Management

Enables remote monitoring and maintenance of assets, machines and systems


Vodafone Wireless Payments

Avail of a host of secure, point-to-point connectivity solutions that power financial transactions


IoT Managed Connectivity Platform

Manage connectivity while maintaining control, visibility and manageability of your assets


Special SIMs

Benefit from SIMs designed for IoT deployments that operate under high temperature and pressure levels