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Vodafone India Limited

Postpaid Plans

Postpaid Plans
As a Vodafone Postpaid customer, I don't need to worry about my credits running out. And Vodafone's wide variety of bill payment options gives me added convenience.

I can choose to pay online, by phone, or in person at Vodafone Stores, Mini Stores, post offices and more.

  • Constant coverage

    Constant coverage

    With a Vodafone Postpaid plan, I have the security of knowing I'm covered anytime, anywhere.

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  • Easy bill payment

    Easy bill payment

    Vodafone's wide range of bill payment options make it easy for me to settle my bill the way I want.

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  • BlackBerry Internet Solutions

    Personalised billing

    With Vodafone's flexible billing formats, I can get full details on my mobile phone usage and expenditures.

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