Vodafone SuperIoT​​​​​​​​

Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionising the way we do business by transforming how we do it at every step. Its possibilities extend to each stage of the product lifecycle.


We, at Vodafone understand that no two IoT projects are the same; in scale, requirement and deployment. Each involves multiple components – device, application, connectivity and others. And with different suppliers providing various components, this makes the project even more difficult to manage.


With Vodafone’s SuperIoT Suite, you get end-to-end solutions with one single point of contact; where we ensure that every element of your project works smoothly. Our team of highly specialised experts with detailed knowledge of their particular industry sector ensure that you focus solely on your business, while they manage everything else. Thereby ensuring better accountability, faster implementation and quicker return on investments.


You can rest assured and trust the global IoT leader, with over twenty years of successful implementations, across the world. Experience our IoT Managed Connectivity Platform that brings all the information to you, IoT Special SIMs that help with longevity, and a modular approach that ensures rapid application development and scalability. 

Vodafone’s comprehensive approach to security: