Vodafone Secure Device Manager​​

Trends like remote working and digital workplace are gaining increasing popularity. While this drives productivity, it doesn’t always address the security of data on these devices​​.


Introducing Vodafone Secure Device Manager, powered by IBM MaaS360, a comprehensive Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) platform. It is designed to help your business secure data across devices and applications, whether company or employee-owned, ensuring complete compliance to your corporate policies.

 Secure Device Management for company owned devices


  Secure Application Management for employee owned devices


  AI capability for malware and threat management


  AI-powered cognitive advisor for security updates and breaches


  Single Sign-On (SSO) with Cloud identity on both web and mobile


  Business dashboard with app intelligence and reporting

Allows trusted apps and content on any device


 Remote configuration of email accounts and remote push critical in-house or public applications


  Prevents data leakage for enterprises


  Provides endpoint security of company data


  Seamlessly deploys data over Cloud with data security


  Easily scales across connections without any investment


  OpEx-based pricing with zero hardware or CapEx


  Managed services for worry-free smartphone management


Unparalleled service
and support reach across
the country


Easy billing with zero
CAPEX and a monthly
payment model