Roaming Solutions

As businesses find themselves connecting with a global audience, they must ensure that their employees have the freedom to interact with customers across the globe. Vodafone’s National and International Roaming plans enable your employees to stay constantly connected, no matter where they are, without you having to worry about the cost.


National Roaming

We at Vodafone understand that as your organization grows beyond boundaries, your workforce needs to carry their work along. Vodafone gives you the flexibility to opt for National Roaming Solutions which help you get the most out of your mobile workforce even while roaming throughout the country.


International Roaming

With our global footprint and extensive partnerships, Vodafone helps you carry your work with you across any part of the globe, without worrying about changing your number or your operator.


  • Vodafone iROAM Propositions
    Opt for a single pack and get up to 78% discount on Voice Calls and up to 95% discount on Data Calls across 53 top international destinations including USA, UK, China, Singapore, UAE, etc. The iROAM propositions are designed to help you roam worry-free. You can also choose between a 10 day, 30 day or an on-going iROAM pack to suit your travel needs.
  • Bespoke Propositions
    Vodafone understands that your organization would have a specific international roaming footprint and specific usage requirements. Do get in touch with your Account Manager to build a customized International Roaming proposition just for you.

National Roaming
  • Select the plan that best suits your organization’s needs
  • Design the plan best suited to your National Roaming needs


International Roaming
Vodafone iROAM Propositions
  • Get unmatched discounts on International Roaming across 53 top destinations with a single pack
  • Up to 78% discount on Voice Calls and up to 95% discount on Data Calls

Bespoke Propositions

  • Get a customised International Roaming solution based on the roaming footprint of your organization and your employees



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