Vodafone Location Tracker

To take full advantage of the ‘connected revolution’, a Ready Business must re-evaluate their supply chains, internal processes and use of assets. The Location based services is a transformative tool that lets you gain better visibility of supply chains, track and monitor the location of assets and improve your business efficiency. With GSM network-based location tracking, it identifies the location of the SIM or mobile number from the cell tower it is latched on to.


Its user-friendly interface helps you ascertain the safest and most economically viable routes, access online reports, receive alerts and reduce costs. What’s more, it easily integrates with your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and WFM (Workforce Management) to deliver an enhanced customer experience.

  • Track your people and their movements, reducing travel and communication costs.
  • Set up a group for your team based on hierarchy for controlled access to tracking
  • Track your vehicles, machines and consignments and make course corrections to ensure timely distribution of goods​
  • Have increased operational efficiency through improved real-time visibility
  • Enhance productivity by bringing predictability in the supply chain
  • Save cost by eliminating the need for expensive GPS/GPRS devices
  • Make data-driven decisions
  • Have a simple, hassle-free, predictable and controllable commercial model with fixed daily rentals

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