VPN Extended Connect

Enterprises are accessing the public cloud increasingly as a central part of their operation, and can no longer rely on the limited performance and security provided by the internet. For many, putting corporate information at risk is not an option. Vodafone’s MPLS VPN Extended Connect allows seamless extension to Cloud Providers’ Data Centres, without the need to redesign large corporate networks.

Our MPLS VPN Extended Connect gives you high performance, high availability connectivity, via a secure, private network that isolates your information from other customer traffic. It brings you the best of the public cloud: cost-effective flexibility, without the risks of the internet, or the complications of dedicated lines.


  • Secure, private connection from your MPLS VPN to leading public cloud providers such as AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud platform.
  • High performance with low latency and consistent bandwidth
  • Rapid turn-up with direct connections in days, helping to make your business more agile
  • Dual diverse connections to cloud data centres ensure high availability
  • Greater cost control and attractive pricing
  • Helps you support key business computing needs, including storage, big data, streaming media, test, as well as development and interactive applications
  • A managed service that reduces the demand on your IT team so they can focus on higher value activities
  • You can connect your organisation to cloud service provider data centres in India as well as internationally on our MPLS VPN service
  • Based on Vodafone’s secure and scalable MPLS VPN network with extensive domestic and  international reach.
  • 24x7 service support with SLA commitment.
  • Our world-class 24x7 Network Operations Centre monitors and maintains the network.
  • Stringent SLAs to meet your business requirements
  • Being a managed solution, your administrative costs are lower.