Vodafone SuperWifiTM

Power your business with Vodafone SuperWifiTM

Vodafone SuperWifi is a fully managed WiFi network solution that provides unified, high-speed, wireless network (Internet and/or VPN) access to employees, guests and customers across all your offices, branches and stores.


A high-speed WiFi network is often at the core of different business and customer initiatives for small, medium and large enterprises to drive business productivity and collaboration, improve customer experience, and adopt new technologies like IoT, Unified Communications, Cloud etc.

Here's how Vodafone SuperWifi™ ensures that your business stays connected, and ready for growth:


High-speed WiFi with a seamless network experience


Unified control of network policy across offices


Fully managed network deployment and maintenance


Insights on performance, usage and applications

Guest Wifi

Automated secure guest access


Low upfront investment and higher ROI

Choose from SuperWifi Pro and SuperWifi Go – two distinct service variants to match your business' WiFi network requirements.

  SuperWifi Pro SuperWifi Go
Powered by Cisco HPE – Aruba

Centralised or On-Premise Controller

Virtualised Controller
Access points IEEE 802.11ac Wave 1 / 2
SLA 24x7 monitoring, MTTR
Pricing Opex-based


Available Options

Selection Creitera

End Result

WiFi deployed and managed in-house
  • No dependency on outside partner
  • Ready to fund lifecycle costs of network upfront
  • Ready to plan skill and technology upgrades
  • No dependency on outside partner
  • Ready to fund lifecycle costs of network upfront
  • Ready to plan skill and technology upgrades
Company procures hardware but outsources   management
  • Own and capitalise hardware
  • Ease strain on network staff by outsourcing deployment and operations
  • Manage warranties and service contracts
  • High upfront capex investment
  • More focus on core business than operations
  • Deal with multiple partners, OEM, SI
Company subscribes to SuperWifi
  • Fully managed WiFi network with fixed recurring charge (Opex)
  • Worry-free WiFi with feature, service and lifecycle management
  • Lower up-front capex investment
  • High uptime WiFi network, even without in-house IT/network skills
  • Better focus on core business operations
  • High ROI due to less capex

We provide these professional services to make the entire process of setting up SuperWifi hassle-free.

Site Survey &

Corporate Helpdesk
to report problems

& Commissioning




Testing &

24x7 Remote

Seamless, High-speed WiFi Service

Provide a high-quality WiFi experience for users

WiFi Access Control Policy

Limit WiFi usage basis time and/or usage quota during business hours

Secure Authentication

Reduce administration efforts

Guest Portal / Splash Page Customisation

Increase brand visibility

Corporate and Guest WiFi Access

Secure your corporate Information

Built-in Wireless Threat Prevention & Security

Restrict access to inappropriate Websites

Online Customer Portal

Take business decisions with network insights

Location Analytics Service

Improve business efficiency with data-driven decisions

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