Leased Circuits

In order to maintain competitiveness, organizations will need to think more flexibily about thier own internal and external borders. Securely connecting various offices helps businesses collaborate better internally and be more responsive in a borderless world. Vodafone’s Leased Circuits, delivered on our seamless optic-fibre network keep your offices constantly connected with each other.

Vodafone's Leased Circuits provide point-to-point, high speed, secure and dedicated connectivity for instant transfer of data between two offices in India or abroad, via our National Private Leased Circuits and Bandwidth Connect (International Private Leased Circuits).


National Private Leased Circuits (NPLC)
National Private Leased Circuits (NPLC) from Vodafone is a point-to-point private line that enables your organization to communicate between geographically diverse offices across the country. Dedicated to your business needs with high-capacity circuits, its transmission channels of defined bandwidths make it easy to install and operate. 


Bandwidth Connect (International Private Leased Circuits)
As your business expands beyond borders, it requires a private point-to-point system to communicate between offices across the world. Vodafone's Bandwidth Connect Service does all this and more. This connectivity is achieved through international submarine cables connecting countries through undersea routes. We cover over 41 countries directly and may more via partnerships, ensuring that your business is seamlessly connected and ready at a global  level.

  • Consistent throughput between 2 locations
  • No interference from any outside agency in any form - completely secure
  • Universal telecom standard interference / bandwidth granularity
  • Assured bandwidth at all times
  • Stringent end-to-end SLA parameters for guaranteed performance