Toll Free Service Provider

For organisations to thrive in a competitive business environment, it is essential that they place customers at the heart of their corporate strategy. Listening and responding to customer needs can be a window to new business opportunities and methods of improvement. Businesses around the world use toll free numb​ers to generate new leads, serve customers and receive feedback. A Toll Free Number from Vodafone is not just a sign of being customer-focussed; it also means greater dependability and better service from your organisation.

Domestic Toll Free Service


A toll free number can be a gateway for your customers to reach out to you from anywhere in India without any charge. You also get an option to choose from easy to remember numbers, which means better recall and more business opportunities. Vodafone Toll Free Numbers can be dialed from all operators across the country. 


Maximize your business efficiency with our best-in-class routing flexibility to suit your requirements:

  • Time-based routing
    Decide which number receives the call based on the time of the call. For example, rout 9 AM to 6 PM call to your Gurgaon call center and the calls which come in from 6 PM to 9 AM to outsourced call center.

  • Call redirection
    Reroute a call when the primary number is busy or not answering, so that you never miss an important call

  • Origin-based routing
    Calls originating in South can be terminated in Bengaluru or Hyderabad. Calls originating in North can be terminated in Noida or Gurgaon with a failover to Bengaluru. You can also manage local language customization. 

  • Load Balancing
    Balance your call flow between different centers or set a threshold after which calls will auto spillover to a secondary number

  • Sequence Based
    You can set a sequence to your class as per your business needs by picking from a variety of sequencing options available.

  • Black/White listing of numbers
    Vodafone also offers Universal Access Numbers (UAN) with all functionality to Toll Free products where the cost of a call is partially borne by the calling party


Self-Care Portal

An online portal which will enable you to manage your Toll Free Service better.
This also helps in making changes to your destination number or route calls using various routing options available, all real-time.



Get information on your usage and call history through our reporting section. (Coming Soon)


Business Continuity 

Your business continuity is our priority and we will ensure your business is running at all times without platform and geographical redundancy


International Toll Free Service

Vodafone's International Toll Free Service is just the product your business needs to ensure that your customers can reach you easily from any part of the world, without any charge to them. You can avail of an International Toll Free Number from India, pay for all charges in Indian Rupees, and avoidthe hasssle


So, let's make your business future ready.

Call us on 1800-123-123-123 to get a call back from us.

  • Allows customers to call for free
  • Helps establish a corporate identity, generate generate leads, increase responsiveness and consolidate new businesses
  • Establishes greater service standards by creating one Pan-India number as your identity, making it easier for customers to connect with you
  • Wide range of call routing options based on geography and time of day
  • Helps brand-building - Vodafone will help you choose special numbers most suited to your business, building brands credibility