SIP Central

SIP Central is a Cloud-based Telephony platform that provides Voice-as-a-Service on IP Telephony. WithVodafone's SIP Central services, you can transform the way your organisation communicates. It is ideal for enterprises with small distributed offices, greenfield startups, technology refresh or existing Centrex users looking for an upgrade.

  • Make your business agile and flexible with voice communications delivered over managed IP connectivity
  • Work worry-free with highly resilient, secure, next-generation IP Telephony services
  • Save on CAPEX coming from PBX investment or laying a separate cable for telephony
  • Scale users as needed
  • Avoid the hassles of hardware maintenance and obsolescence of voice infrastructure
  • Get support for next-generation IP and analog handsets
  • Connect seamlessly within your enterprise and beyond
  • Switch between devices flexibly, be it existing desk phones, IP phones or softphones
  • Leverage support for commonly used Audio Codecs.