Audio Conferencing Services​​​

The mark of a Ready Business is the ability to collaborate effectively without any delays or lapses in information. The Vodafone Audio Conferencing Service is a reliable, cost-effective solution that connects your workforce across geographies and time zones. It enables faster decision-making, reduces turn-around times and boosts productivity. What’s more, quick adoption of this service can significantly​​ drive down your travel costs.

The service brings together a host of superior features, unique online tools and a smartphone app, so you are assured of an unparalleled service experience. Our Smart Connect call flow mechanism lets you get on a conference in as little as 10 seconds. No long announcements or trying to remember multiple PINs to log in.

Core Conferencing
  • Reservation-less Plus
    Conduct meetings anytime, anywhere without prior reservations or an operator. Get a permanent conference code to be shared with participants whenever you want them to join a conference. Quicker collaboration means faster decision making.
  • Automated Conference
    Make a prior reservation by phone oremail to hold a secure conference. You’ll receive a unique conference code activated only for the scheduled time. Share it with your selected conference participants.

Managed Conferencing
  • Operator-assisted
    Get an operator to welcome and help your callers connect to your conference call. Operators can also screen participants from a pre-approved list prior to the call.
  • Event Calls 
    Ideal for corporate events like product launches, board presentations and corporate announcements. Events can be conducted in lecture mode with all members muted or a facilitator could read from a custom script and hold a Q&A session.

Tools for a superior conferencing experience
  • Audio Conferencing App
    Our unique, easy-to-use, smartphone audio conferencing application lets you dial into a conference on the go. It is available for Android® and iOS® as a free download from the app stores.
    With the Vodafone Audio Conferencing App you’ll have superior audio conferencing features at your fingertips.
    • Join calls with a single click
    • Organise calls on the move
    • Mark recurring calls as ‘Favourites’
    • Store multiple conferencing profiles
  • Online Audio Console
    A user-friendly web portal that lets you control conferences completely. Manage participants, generate usage reports, make conference reservations, and set up sub-conferences and more, at the simple click of a mouse.
  • Customised Voice Prompts
    Record your own welcome greeting for conference users.
  • International Access
    Enjoy international toll free access from 92 countries and international toll access from 50 countries.
  • Superior Platform
    Experience a state-of-the-art IP-based conference bridge, with built-in trunk level echo cancellation for conferencing quality like never before.

So, let’s make you a Ready Business.

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  • Speed up decision-making on Vodafone Res-Plus
  • Collaborate effectively on the go with the Vodafone Audio Conferencing App
  • Convenient user management with the Online Audio Console
  • Early adopters save on travel costs
  • Helps reduce your organisation’s carbon footprint.