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Vodafone Location Tracker

Mobile Internet

Vodafone Location Tracker helps you monitor the location of your assets, improving your business efficiency.  Gain greater visibility on supply chain, ascertain the safest and most economically viable routes, access online reports, receive alerts and reduce costs, all on a user-friendly Google MapsTM-like interface. Vodafone Location Tracker also makes operational procedures efficient and cost-effective, leading to increased customer satisfaction. Vodafone Location Tracker can be effectively used for:

Tracking people: You can track your field force and their movements,
thereby reducing travel and communication costs, increasing
operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Works well in
industries like Financial Services, Government and FMCG.

Tracking assets: You can monitor the location of assets such as vehicles, machines and consignments. What’s more, you can course correct them, in case they deviate from the delivery path, to ensure timely distribution of goods. Applicable in industries like Logistics, IT & ITES etc.


Mobile Internet

A GSM device is planted with a Vodafone SIM. The data, captured by a Vodafone backend server from the GSM network, is then transferred to a secure, user-friendly web portal so that you can manage and control your assets with ease.


  • Helps you ascertain the fastest, safest and most economical travel route for an asset
  • Enhances productivity by bringing predictability in the supply chain
  • Saves cost by eliminating the need for expensive GPS/GPRS devices
  • Helps create newer and more efficient business models after analysing output
  • Increases customer satisfaction due to efficient and cost-effective operational procedures

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