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High Speed Internet


Give your employees the power to be in touch with office when they are on the move. Mobile Broadband from Vodafone enables your employees to continue working efficiently even when they are away from the office. They can surf the Internet, check e-mails, and download files all in real-time, thus increasing productivity and the response time of your organisation. To take a look at some of our cost-effective 3G plans, click here.

  • Vodafone Mobile Broadband USB Stick

    Vodafone Mobile Broadband USB Stick

    The Vodafone Mobile Broadband USB Stick gives you quick access to the web, e-mails and company servers without any hassles.

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  • Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi

    Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi

    Now you can share your Internet connection with multiple users on
    the move.

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  • Vodafone Sharing Dock

    Vodafone Sharing Dock

    The Vodafone Sharing Dock lets up to five wi-fi enabled laptops, netbooks, smartphones or tablets share a single Mobile Broadband USB Stick connection.

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  • Connect using your tablet

    Connect using your tablet

    Connect to the web, send and receive e-mails and access company servers easily on a tablet.

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