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SMS @ Work

SMS @ Work

Vodafone lets me put my SMS to work with SMS @ Work, a powerful tool for group messaging, address book access and mobile reporting.

I can manage sales teams, provide instant feedback, and even create a bulletin board post for others to access.

What can I do with it?

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  • Group messaging

    Group messaging

    SMS @ Work let me message multiple people at one time. I can circulate internal office news, and send market news and flash alerts to everyone concerned.

  • My Contacts

    My Contacts

    I can access my personal address book directly from my Vodafone mobile phone.

  • My office directory

    My office directory

    I'm able to get complete contact details from my company address book - including the name, contact number, email address and more.

  • My mobile report

    My mobile report

    I can post reports through SMS. For example, I can file end-of-day sales reports through my Vodafone mobile phone, which my manager can then access over the Internet.

    The reporting can be either text-based or column-based. Column-based reporting is useful for sending data in a specific pre-determined format. My manager can then view the report accordingly and also save it in their Management Information System or ERP for future reference.

    And SMS @ Work is a totally secure mobile solution. All Bulletin Boards, Mobile Reports and Message groups can only be accessed by users within my company.

  • My bulletin board

    My bulletin board

    This lets me create a keyword (like an Internet URL) and have other users visit the page from their Vodafone mobile phones. For example, if I'm a Sales Manager, I can set daily targets, which my field executives can directly access through their Vodafone mobile phones.

    The content for this page can be static or dynamic. I can also decide which people can access this bulletin board.

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