Vodafone enables you to share your Vodafone postpaid plan on your mobile with an eligible Apple Watch (GPS + cellular). That means you can use your Apple Watch to make and receive calls and use data on your Vodafone network – all this even when you’re away from your phone!

Who is eligible?

Vodafone postpaid customer from Mumbai, Delhi, Gujarat, Punjab, Maharashtra and Goa.

Customer should have Apple Watch Series 3 or later (GPS + cellular) and iPhone 6s or later model. Refer to FAQ for more information.

To check your eligibility sms “CHKESIM” to 199

Steps to activate your number on your Apple Watch Cellular

Step 1:

Open the Watch app on your iPhone.

Start the pairing process of the Apple Watch and iPhone.

Submit to proceed

Step 2:

Sign in with your Apple ID and password to continue

Tap on “Create a Passcode” to create a 4 digits passcode on your Apple Watch.

Tap “Setup Mobile Data” to share your Postpaid number and plan with Apple Watch

Step 3:

Enter your Vodafone postpaid number and self-care password. (Note - If not registered then tap on register to login to register your phone number)

Tap Confirm once login is successful

Please wait at least 15 minutes while your Vodafone post paid number and plan gets shared with Apple Watch.

Step 4:

Please wait while your Apple Watch syncs completely with your iPhone.


You will need

  • An active Vodafone mobile postpaid connection/number and plan with 4G service.
  • Apple Watch (GPS + Cellular) Series 3 or later, running WatchOS version 6.2 or later
  • iPhone 6s or later, running iOS version 13.4 or later. See below for the list of supported iPhone models

                iPhone 6s / 6s Plus

                iPhone 7 / 7 Plus

                iPhone 8 / 8 Plus

                iPhone X

                iPhone SE

                iPhone XR, XS, XS Max

                iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max

Pairing of Apple Watch (GPS + Cellular) is presently available only with Vodafone mobile postpaid connection.

Yes, Apple Watch (GPS + Cellular) will need to be paired with primary iPhone device and activated by Vodafone in order to use cellular services. It is an extended facility to existing iPhone users. There are no activation charges.

No. Your Apple Watch (GPS + Cellular) will share the same Vodafone postpaid number (MSISDN) as your existing primary iPhone device.

No, the MSISDN and connection will be same as that of primary device.

No, Apple Watch Cellular can be used free of charge with any Vodafone postpaid plan of primary device.

No, there will be no separate bill for Apple Watch (GPS + Cellular). You will be billed for usage of cellular services on Apple Watch (GPS + Cellular) in your existing Vodafone postpaid bill.

Yes. Apple Watch (GPS + Cellular) can be used in national roaming.

No, International roaming is not available for Apple Watch (GPS + Cellular) even though your Vodafone mobile postpaid number and plan may support international roaming. However, you will continue to be connected via Bluetooth when your Apple Watch is in proximity of your iPhone or connected to Wi-Fi.

No. Only one Apple Watch Cellular Apple Watch (GPS + Cellular) can be paired and used with any one number at a time.

Apple Watch (GPS + Cellular) can only be used on one number at any given time. You can change the pairing to another Vodafone mobile postpaid number in order to use the Apple Watch (GPS + Cellular) with another Vodafone mobile number.

You will need to un-pair the existing Apple Watch (GPS + Cellular) and call 199 for deactivation of eSIM service. Post this you can activate the second/new Apple Watch (GPS + Cellular).

Yes. Your company's authorized signatory will need to send an approval email, post which you can connect your Apple Watch (GPS + Cellular) to your Vodafone mobile postpaid number.

An eSIM is a SIM-card that is embedded inside the Apple Watch (GPS + Cellular). This integrated SIM chip cannot and need not be removed from a device.

Apple Watch (GPS + Cellular) with eSIM can work on cellular 4G and 3G networks once it is paired with iphone and activated with Vodafone. With the Apple Watch (GPS + Cellular), you can stay connected even when you leave your phone behind.

Usage done on your Apple Watch Cellular Apple Watch (GPS + Cellular) will be charged as per the bill plan active on your Vodafone mobile postpaid number.

No, once pairing of Apple Watch (GPS + Cellular) is completed, and the Apple Watch is connected to cellular network, the Apple Watch can be used independently as an extension of the primary iPhone device to use cellular services with same -terms and conditions as available for primary iPhone device. There is no need for proximity between primary device and Apple Watch. However for connection via blue tooth, proximity is required.

On the Apple Watch control panel you will see green dots at the top left corner. This is an indication that you are connected to cellular network. The green dots will only appear if your iPhone is not within the Bluetooth range with your Apple Watch (GPS + Cellular).

You will need to pair your Apple Watch (GPS + Cellular) again to your new iPhone. Your new iPhone will also need to be running on the iOS 13.4 or later version to be compatible with Apple Watch (GPS + Cellular).

You will need to un-pair your Apple Watch (GPS + Cellular) from your iPhone. You will also be required to call 199 to deactivate the eSIM service.

There are no charges for deactivating or un-pairing the Apple watch.

Vodafone India supports following models of Apple Watch purchased from anywhere.

  • Apple Watch Series 3 (Cellular)

                Model A1889 (38 mm)

                Model A1891 (42 mm)

  • Apple Watch Series 4 (Cellular)

                Model A2007 (40 mm)

                Model A2008 (44 mm)

  • Apple Watch Series 5 (Cellular)

                Model A2156 (40 mm)

                Model A2157 (44 mm)

                Model A2094 (40 mm)

                Model A2095 (44 mm)

Learn more about Apple Watch at www.apple.com/in/watch

Visit www.apple.com/in/support/watch for additional support.

We are working on introducing eSIM service for Idea Postpaid mobile users. We shall update you once this service is available.

Cellular services on the Apple Watch will also get barred in the above mentioned scenarios.

The Services on the watch continue to work, For safety we suggest that you get the services barred by calling 199

The Services on the watch continue to work, For safety we suggest that you get the services barred by calling 199

Yes. You can use your Apple Watch even if your phone is switched off.