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Made for everyone

At Vodafone, we know that every call matters and every message is high-priority. So whether you are catching up with family and friends or writing up a business plan, we know it comes first. Vodafone believes in the importance of communication and helps you along with its far-reaching network that is made for uninterrupted and clear conversations - a network that's made for everything.


Made for more

The superfast network

More is better! A total of 141,000 sites and 106,000 3G & 4G sites, across the country ensure a superb network experience. Highly trained technicians, engineers and project managers work 365 nights a year to create a network you can trust every day. Our overall coverage constitutes a total of 86 percent, while our rural penetration is around 79 percent. The Vodafone network assures you enjoy great internet speeds and high call quality wherever you are in the country.


Made for travel

The network for clear communication

At Vodafone, we ensure voice clarity no matter how noisy the environment. Our networks make certain that ambient noise does not interfere with your call experience. Our advanced noise suppression algorithms and our reliable IP networks work together to deliver the best voice quality on each and every call. No matter where you are, you never have to worry. We are present across the country through our 1.8 million recharging outlets, over 10000 exclusive and 41 angel stores.


Made for endless talking

The network for continuous chatting

No more call drops! Owing to our advanced 'Soft Switching technology', where if one node goes down, the other can be used automatically, our network allows you to continue on those long lasting conversations.


Made for your convenience

Made so you can stay connected

Making video calls, watching live TV and enjoying high-speed internet is superfast, thanks to our spectrum-optimised site selection and the mobile access to our network of interlinked towers.

The network has been optimised the network extensively so that you can make calls, send emails and messages simultaneously on both 3G and 4G.

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