3G Overview

What is 3G

3G stands for third generation wireless technology. It enhances your online experience with high speed mobile broadband, video calling, video streaming, and much more on your mobile phone. With a 3G enabled handset and access to the Vodafone 3G network you can make video calls, watch live TV, and enjoy high speed internet.
What is 3G

3G vs 2G

What makes 3G faster, better and smarter than 2G?
It’s just that it transfers voice data (a call) and non-voice data (emails, instant messaging) simultaneously to let you enjoy 3 times faster speed than 2G.

Vodafone 3G lets you experience:
  • Real time face to face video calling
  • Live TV on mobile
  • HD gaming
  • Faster internet speed
  • Real time streaming of music & videos
  • Faster email exchange with large attachments
  • Data Security
2G Vs 3G

Note : If in case a customer activates multiple add on pack, he is only eligible for benefits towards the last data activated add on.

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