Audio Conferencing Service


In today’s business environment, it is of extreme importance for all stakeholders to collaborate without allowing for a lapse in time or information. This helps speed up decision making, reduce turn-around time and boost productivity. Vodafone’s Audio Conferencing Service provides a reliable, cost-effective solution for connecting your workforce across geographies and time-zones.

  • Features

    Vodafone’s Audio Conferencing offers the best features, unique online tools and a smartphone application, seamlessly stitched together for an unparalleled service experience.

    Choose from any of our four service options:

    Core Conferencing

    • Reservation-less Plus
      Conduct meetings anytime, anywhere without making a prior reservation or relying on an operator. When you avail of this service, you get a permanent conference code that can be shared with participants whenever you want them to join a conference.
    • Automated Conference
      To conduct secure conferences, all you need to do is make a prior reservation by phone or email. You then receive a unique conference code, activated only for the scheduled time. Share it with the conference participants that you select.

    Managed Conferencing

    • Operator Assisted
      Get an operator to welcome and help your callers connect into your conference call. Our operators can also screen participants from a pre-approved list prepared prior to the call.
    • Event Calls
      Our Event Calls feature is ideal for corporate events like product launches, board presentations and corporate announcements. Events can be conducted in lecture mode with all members muted, or a facilitator could read a custom script and conduct a Q&A session.

    Tools for a better conferencing experience:

    • Vodafone Audio Conferencing App
      Vodafone Audio Conferencing App is a unique, easy-to-use, mobile-based audio conferencing application that enables you to dial into a conference on the go. The application is fully supported on Android® and iPhone®OS. It can be downloaded from any of these App Stores for free.
      Once downloaded onto your smartphone, it enhances your conferencing experience with the following features:
        • Single click to join calls
        • Organise calls on the move
        • Mark recurring calls as ‘Favourites’
        • Store multiple conferencing profiles
        • Manage your conference - Audio Conferencing features at your fingertips
    • Online Audio Console
      On a user-friendly web portal, you can manage accounts, generate usage reports, make conference reservations and download useful conferencing tools.

    • Customised Voice Prompts
      This feature allows you to record your own welcome greeting for conference users.
  • Benefits
    • Speed up decision-making on Vodafone Res-Plus
    • Collaborate effectively on the go with the Vodafone Audio Conferencing App
    • Convenient user management with the Online Audio Console
    • Early adopters save up to 50% in travel cost
    • Reduces your organisation’s carbon footprint by up to 50%



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